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ROME. New tragedy in the skies of Lazio. A few days after the two-seater aircraft that sank in the Tiber in Rome, an ultralight with two young swimming promises on board crashed this morning a few seconds after taking off in Nettuno, a few kilometers from the capital. For the two athletes there was nothing to do. Touching the ground, the small plane caught fire and in a few moments it was completely surrounded by flames. The two victims, the pilot Gioele Rossetti, 23 years old from Rome and the passenger Fabio Lombini, 22 years old from Castrocaro Terme, were Fin athletes and Lombini had also been a finalist at the European short-tank races in Copenhagen.

«Fabio had arrived in Ostia for three days to train, he dreamed of the Olympics. Gioele was an expert driver, I’m upset », says Federnuoto president Paolo Barelli. «Fabio had arrived in Ostia to train for three days and had a day off, his dream was to call for the next Games. Gioele was an experienced although young pilot. I am upset ». «Fabio – tells Ansa Barelli – had resumed training right at the federal center of Ostia where he had arrived for three days with his coach Alessandro Resch to swim with other blue athletes followed by Stefano Morini. Today, Sunday, was a day free from training and he had gone out early, around 8 am. It was then known where he and his friend Gioele had gone ».

Tragedy in swimming: an ultralight falls and Lombini and Rossetti die

President Fin recalls a “gifted athlete who participated in the Taipei Universiade in 2017 and was a finalist in the 200 freestyle at the European Championships in Copenhagen in 2017, the year in which he was also silver at the Italian championships”. “We are all upset – he continues – Gioele Rossetti I know him as a child: intelligent, jovial, nice to everyone, engaged in sports and studying, also in motor sciences. His passion for planes was known to everyone and I understand that he had patents and many hours of flight, albeit so young. Fabio’s initiative to go with Gioele to fly was not known to the federal center – the conclusion – Fabio leaving the center early in the morning informed the direction that he would not return for lunch. And unfortunately he won’t come back. The drama upsets us all, we are speechless! ”

The carabinieri of the company of Anzio, arrived on the spot together with the firefighters, investigate the incident. From the first checks it would appear that the ultralight crashed about 30 seconds after take-off. At the moment a technical fault is assumed. As far as rebuilt, the ultralight was from Rossetti’s father. The young pilot had a remarkable flight experience as evidenced by the many videos and photos published on his Facebook profile that portray him happy at the controls. The aircraft and the whole area were confiscated.

In the next few days an autopsy will be performed on the children’s copies. Meanwhile, the National Flight Safety Agency (ANSV) has opened an investigation into the accident. The agency also sent its own investigator to the crash site. Probably the two young men had decided this morning to fly over the lower part of Lazio. At the controls there would have been Rossetti, who competed nationally for the Aurelia Nuoto, alongside him Fabio Lombini, silver at the 2017 absolute winter championships in the 200 freestyle, already national at the Taipei Universiade and the European championships in short tub of Copenhagen in 2017. Lombini was carrying out a collegiate training at the federal center of Ostia followed by the technical manager Stefano Morini and accompanied by his coach Alessandro Resch.

“The Federation, shocked and astonished, expresses its heartfelt condolences to family, friends and society to which it belongs”, stressed the Italian Swimming Federation. A tragedy that involves the world of swimming and that brings to mind the terrible plane crash of Bremen that occurred back in 1966, in which the athletes of the Italian national swimming team lost their lives heading to the meeting in Bremen, one of the most prestigious events of the season.

Today is the second accident that occurred in the skies of Lazio in a few days. On Monday afternoon, shortly after take-off from the Urbe airport, a two-seater aircraft, with instructor and pupil on board, ended up in the Tiber disappearing into its waters. The instructor who attempted a ditching maneuver managed to escape, leaving the plane in time before he sank. Unfortunately there was nothing for the pupil to do. The body of 22-year-old Daniele Papa was recovered the next day by rescuers inside the small plane that sank into the river.

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