Udinese-Atalanta 1-1 is played -Direct here Lasagna (31 ‘) draws the goal of Zapata (8’) – EcoDiBergamo.it


Chronicle first half

45 ‘: First half UDINESE-ATALANTA 1-1

40 ‘: ATALANTA ADMONITION. Malinovskyi he slipped on the ball blocking Udinese’s counterattack but the referee is not of the same opinion, yellow. Malinovskyi will be disqualified the next round.

39 ‘: UDINESE OPPORTUNITY. Overwhelming action of Fofana and then spoon of Lasagna that ends a thread above the crossbar.

33 ‘: ATALANTA OPPORTUNITY. Yet Malinovskyi (the most dangerous of the Nerazzurri) pulls from the edge below the crossroads but Musso goes beyond.

31 ‘: UDINESE GOL. On the counterattack Lasagna goes away to the Atalantani defenders, flies towards the door and cold puts behind an innocent man Gollini.

29 ‘: ATALANTA OPPORTUNITY. Yet Malinovskyi dangerous, left from the edge, Musso doesn’t hold back but a defender sweeps anticipating up Zapata.

25 ‘: The game is always in the Nerazzurri’s feet but has become more sterile than the first 10 minutes, plus no dangerous action so far.

8 ‘: GOOOOOOOOOOL ATALANTA. The award-winning company Gomez-Zapata brings the Nerazzurri ahead. Excellent assist from Papu for Zapata who controls well in the area and shoots behind Musso. It is the 78th goal of this season, the Nerazzurri thus exceed the already amazing share of the whole last season.


. Malinovskyi, right tense from the edge, Musso opposes, the ball returns to play and is still the goalkeeper from Friuli Gomez.

6 ‘: UDINESE OPPORTUNITY. Fofana goes off on his own on the counterattack, Gollini they meet him and foil a goal already made.

4 ‘: First dangerous cross by Gomez but Musso blocks easy in high grip.

1 ‘: First ball played by the Nerazzurri who are now in the green jersey.

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