Two projects to relaunch yachts and cruises in Venice


New development projects are expected in Venice, relating to the trafficking of yachts and cruises, worth 11.8 and 66 million euros respectively. The promoter is Vtp, the Venice Passenger Terminal, which presented them in October 2019 and is ready to put them out to tender.

The “VTP-Yacht” project involves the management of the five mooring structures in the historic center (San Basilio / Santa Marta, Adriatica, Salute, San Biagio and Riva 7 Martiri), where to host mega yachts and, only in the San Basilio terminal, small luxury cruise ships. This is, the company communicates, of a plan to “redevelop the entire water front of the city” with investments that concern, in particular, the electrification of all berths on the docks of San Basilio and Santa Marta and that “position the port of Venice as a destination of excellence in the Mediterranean »for luxury tourism. There would already be contacts with three American, European and Middle Eastern groups, ready to invest in the lagoon.

The second, the “VTP-Cruise”, is dedicated to cruising and is connected to the movement of large ships of more than 40 thousand tons from the current San Marco-Giudecca canal route to the new one, through the Petroli canal and the Vittorio Emanuele III. The plan, says VTP, requires primarily “the reshaping of the Vittorio Emanuele III canal”, also includes the improvement of some structures of the current maritime station and “has a strong environmental value with compensation works to restore the hydrogeological balance of the lagoon ».

Given that 4-5 years are needed to develop it, VTP had already prepared a temporary solution for the 2020 season: the berthing of part of the cruise ships – the larger ones – in Marghera. In this regard, contacts with the Minister of Infrastructures continue to be ongoing to put the proposal into practice, transferring at least two or three ships every weekend to some non-operational docks in Marghera. The project foresees an immediate investment of a further 5 million euros which VTP has already made available for the reorganization of the landing places. For 2020, the problem does not arise: cruises are skipped because of the pandemic. “We were already ready for the 2020 season – says the company – we have just under a year ahead to carry out this project to be ready in 2021. We have the extraordinary opportunity to do it in a period of slowed (or absent) trafficking due to the pandemic , we use this opportunity to make investments and look to the future of our city ».


The news was communicated yesterday, during the Vtp shareholders’ meeting which approved the 2019 financial statements and renewed the board of directors. The assembly confirmed the president Fabrizio Spagna for the next three years. The new board will be composed of Monica Scarpa (nominated by Save Spa), Chiara Cacciavillani (nominated by APVS Srl) and representing the cruise companies associated with Venezia Investimenti, Joshua Carroll (nominated by APVS Srl) vice president of Royal Caribbean Cruises and Stephen Xuereb (appointed by Finpax Srl) chief operating officer of Global Ports Holding.

President Spain commented: “I would like to thank the members and the Veneto Region for the trust they have placed in me and I am sure that together we can continue to grow the Venice passenger terminal in a sustainable way for the whole city and the territory. Today more than ever the recovery of the local economy and tourist flows is becoming a crucial element for the recovery of the entire Northeast economic system, we have an important investment program that we want to achieve in harmony and synergy with local authorities and bodies to create a virtuous circle for the whole regional territory ».

The budget

The Shareholders’ Meeting approved the financial statements at 31 December 2019, which recorded a turnover of 34.4 million euros (+ 4.9%) with a net profit of 4.2 million euros and EBITDA of 9.9 million euros both in line with the previous year. The difference between production values ​​and costs came to € 5.44 million while the pre-tax result was € 5.70 million. During 2019 VTP made investments of over 2 million euros for the purchase of security equipment and equipment (baggage control), the renewal of the air conditioning systems in the passenger rooms but also software for the management of parking lots and improvements to the facilities. of access to the terminal with the aim of maintaining and increasing the services offered to ships and passengers. The meeting also decided not to proceed with the distribution of dividends, with the aim of strengthening the company’s cash flow to cope with the Covid emergency.

In 2019, the terminal welcomed 35 different cruise companies and 68 different ships of which 86% managed in home ports with companies and passengers who have therefore chosen the lagoon city and its excellent services as the base for departure and arrival. 1,611,341 passengers were handled, an increase of 3% (+ 50,762 units), while 500 airports registered a drop of 0.4% compared to the previous year.

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For Spain, ‘2019 was a satisfactory year from an economic, financial and traffic point of view, a year that shows the company’s great adaptability to a context on which restrictive access rules for cruise ships and uncertainties have weighed regarding the future of traffic and the advent of the great high water in November which led to an early closure from the season. Despite this, the company has managed to manage resources efficiently and wisely, proving, once again, one of the great economic players of the city and the region ».

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