two people died, one seriously injured


Tragedy in the early evening of 2 June in Saccolongo between via San Martino and via Pelosa where two people died in a road accident and a third was seriously injured. Suem 118 health workers are operating on the spot, who have sent the injured person to Padua. Traffic is currently blocked. The carabinieri are carrying out the surveys.

Who are the deceased

According to what was collected by the carabinieri of the Padua company, the driver of the Peugeot 205, Eliseo Rocco, a fifty-year-old taxi driver residing in the city and the passenger who was sitting by his side, Manuel Michelotto, 42 years old, who lost his life in Mestrino in the hamlet of Arlesega and who was employed. The third friend who was injured was F.U., born in 1981, who lives in Selvazzano Dentro and is still hospitalized in serious conditions after having been sent to the emergency room in Padua. Investigations are still underway on the exact dynamics of what happened. The white subcompact, an old model, crumpled, destroying itself against the wall. The group of friends had spent the afternoon with friends on the day of the festival. The relatives of the victims who had the sad task of recognition also arrived on the scene of the accident.

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