two officials of the Revenue Agency reported


They had gone to his office for a tax assessment, but they took advantage of it for have sex inside the premises: it is the incredible story that comes from Monza and was told by Dr. Alberico Lemme, pharmacist and TV face, to the newspaper Il Giornale. The two officials of the Control Office of the Monza and Brianza Revenue Agency had in fact gone to his offices for a routine check on Ires, Irap and Iva, Lemme said.Read also> Elisa dies at the age of 40: «Precipitate in a gully». Tragedy during the holiday

The latter said he had denounced “the two officials who carried out the tax audit of my company Sette Gusti”, asking for “the payment of € 464,800 thousand”: Lemme would also have video evidence of what happened, in his summons for incorrect, illicit and vexatious behavior.

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When the two officials arrived for the check, another office was placed next to them, where the accounts are normally kept. When Lemme’s employees went out at lunchtime, the officials were left alone and would have let themselves go to “kisses, sexually effusions and flirtations” between one folder and another. An attitude that convinced the pharmacist to report them, and then to tell everything about Newspaper: a tax audit, if everything is ascertained, to say the least particular.

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