two new ChiamaTutti offers beat TIM, Vodafone and Iliad


CoopVoce, for those who have not yet understood it, has a well-defined purpose: to beat the competition with promo shots. This goal gets more and more alive month after month, especially when this provider launches its new offers on official site.

The line ChiamaTutti it is in fact constantly updated and users are always happy to be able to evaluate its solutions. Right now, among the virtual managers CoopVoce is the most taken into consideration, also in light of its greatness reliability. In fact, the provider has never reserved users nasty surprises after subscribing to any telephone promotion. Currently the two promos available on the official website allow you to have any content even if in different quantities.

CoopVoce: the ChiamaTutti family expands with top-level offers, here is the Top 30 and the Easy + with all inclusive

The CoopVoce world has added two further pieces to its climb to the rating charts, showing all the two current promos. It’s about the Call All TOP 30 and of Easy +.

Both solutions offer minutes, SMS and jig to surf the web but with different prices. The first choice, the Top 30, allows you to have unlimited minutes towards all with 1000 SMS towards all e 30 gig in 4G to surf the web.

The Easy + instead allows you to have every month 1000 minutes Towards all, 300 SMS is 3GB of 4G data traffic. The prices are respectively 9 euros per month e 5 € per month forever. Both offers are also available to existing customers.

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