two injured. Youtube video, nobody calls the police


by Marco PasquaTwo groups meet in Corso Trieste, to Rome North, Saturday evening. It doesn’t seem to be a casual encounter, at least judging by the behavior of one of the two groups. Maybe an ambush for robbery. A boy, with a white t-shirt and a sweater rolled up around his waist, approaches two of his peers (others follow from behind) and punches him in the face. The result is a brawl involving groups of under 20. “It was an aggression,” writes on Instagram someone linked to the two victims of the beating. Other young people, linked to the boy with the white t-shirt, intervene, not to separate them, but to increase the dose. A 19 year old ends up on the ground, and is kicked, always by the same age with the white t-shirt that started the beating.

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The cars pass, someone slows down and honks, but the boys continue with the beating. Only after the attackers realize that someone could have alerted 112 (which did not happen), they decide to escape. The scene was filmed by a resident and the video ended on Youtube. In all, a dozen boys involved in the fistfight. Two 19-year-olds who turned to the emergency room for medication: one had a 25-day prognosis for head injury, the other reported a broken nose and will have to be operated on in the next few hours. The two victims filed a complaint with the Salario Parioli police station. “They attacked me, I didn’t know them,” the 19-year-old said to the police. Although the testimonials will now be screened by the agents. Meanwhile, on Facebook, a resident of the neighborhood spoke of aggression: «A small pack of 16-year-olds has raged on the two boys. The “assailing monsters” as expected have published the beating on their social profiles and have been intercepted. Not a car that stopped to intervene, not an adult to calm down ».

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(video Welcome To Favelas)

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