Two hundred direct hires with the new Wizz Air base at Malpensa


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MALPENSA – The new Wizz Air base in Malpensa will bring dowry 200 new jobs in the area. These are the numbers estimated by the portal specialized in recruitment Ticonsiglio regarding the direct hires that the Hungarian company will prepare in the coming weeks in view of the launch of the 21 new routes by July.

Up to 2 thousand workers in related industries

In fact, there would be 200 resources hired directly by the Group, which it seeks almost exclusively for the Malpensa base flight crew (flight attendants and pilots). As well as the other major European airlines, flight operations and the administrative part are managed directly from the headquarters which, as regards Wizz Air, it is found at Budapest. The maxi investment of the Hungarian low cost on the Varese airport will however create a significant effect, starting from the handling. In the aviation sector, a general rule applies that one million passengers correspond to about a thousand more jobs. And since Malpensa is counting on Wizz Air to recover the volumes lost with the inglorious end of Air Italy, equal to about 2 million passengers, the first post-Covid news could give an employment boost equal to about 2 thousand units which – in the induced – they would partially mitigate the effects of the great crisis caused by the pandemic.

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Competition at Malpensa

Instead, by analyzing the range of destinations, the opening of the Wizz Air base will bring dowry to Malpensa only five connections so far unpublished: Pristina, Eindhoven, Tallinn, Thessaloniki and Mahon. The Hungarians seem to want to challenge easyJet in their historic and most important continental house by competing on as many as 14 routes, but they also attempt the challenge against Ryanair and other carriers.

Twenty new destinations with Wizz Air: the recovery of Malpensa has begun

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