Two children killed in Margno (Lecco). The father committed suicide


Two 12 year olds, one boy and one girl,were found dead on Saturday morning in Margno, in Lecco. The modalities of the double murder are not yet clear: according to the first information, disclosed by the agency Handle, would have been strangled, but other sources of information speak of gunshots.

Suspicions focus on the father, a holiday maker, who committed suicide at Cremeno, not far away, jumping from the very high bridge of Victory. The original family of Gorgonzola, in the Milanese area.

According to the first information, the difficult separation between the father and the mother caused the tragedy. To find the bodies of the children would have been the latter, who would have been notified of the murder by her husband himself, with a message.

The double murder would have occurred in an apartment building near the local mountain cable car (pictured above), which leads to Pian delle Betulle. On the scene of the tragedy the carabinieri of the provincial command of Lecco and of the territorial station intervened.

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