Twitch mercilessly: many streamers at risk of ban, but the situation is strange


The world of streaming is more complex than many might think. Creating a platform that contains millions of people trying to produce completely different content is not easy and you need to find ways to maintain order and avoid copyright problems. As has often happened, however, the strike Copyrights are handled roughly and sometimes completely incorrectly, putting honest content creators in trouble. Now, it seems that Twitch is “attacking” multiple accounts.

For example, a message comes from fuslie which, as you can see in the tweet below, has indicated that it has received 2 copyright strikes on his channel. The strange part is that the whole thing is happening for one year old clips. Furthermore, if he receives a third call he will get a ban forever: it would mean losing years of work, as well as followers and all the content created. The solution indicated by the Twitch staff is to delete all the old clips, so as not to take risks. But there is a problem: not only this would mean losing more than 100,000 clips and many memories, but the whole operation is made impossible by Twitch himself. fuslie and other streamers report that the platform gives an error and does not display all the clips.

fulsie points out that Twitch did not prepare content creators for such situations and it doesn’t help streamers in any way to protect themselves. Considering that three strikes can arrive in no time and without notice, the risk of losing one’s job is high.

There are also other people in the same situation. Another streamer claims to have received 4 strikes without a permanent ban. The last 3 strikes have been so close that they in no way allow her to eliminate potentially risky clips. Soon after, however, the reports went back to one and his partner manager confirmed that there would be no consequences.

Certainly something is happening but it seems that Twitch himself is not entirely certain of the situation. It is possible that some clips really have copyright problems (sometimes even a protected background song is enough to receive a strike) but the technical limitations of the platform are a serious problem that should not fall on content creators. We will see in these days if the situation will deflate or if something else happens.

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