Twitch, Dr Disrespect permanently banned from the platform –


Twitch has banned permanently on Dr Disrespect for reasons still unknown. According to a source of the streamer @ShannonZKiller they are still serious enough to risk ending the streamer career of the well-known character.

The most accepted hypotheses for the ban are two: copyright infringements not remedied despite Twitch’s warnings, or some accusation of unbecoming behavior, not yet surfaced online (but evidently known by the platform operators). The second hypothesis would arise from the numerous cases of accusations of harassment and rape received by streamers and youtubers that have emerged in recent days, which have triggered a real earthquake in the environment.

Contacted by Polygon, a Twitch representative explained that the platform takes due measures when it appears that a streamer has openly violated community guidelines and terms of service. “We apply the same rigor with all streamers, regardless of their status or importance in the community.

Dr Disrespect has yet to make any statements regarding his ban. Who knows how his millions will react followers who followed him daily on his Twitch channel.

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