TV rights, Sky can no longer have the whole Serie A: from the Council of State ban on online exclusivity (and goodbye Now TV)


No more exclusives: from 2021 Sky he can no longer have it all to himself A league, at least not on Internet. In streaming the matches can also be broadcast by others issuers. The revolution comes from State Council, which restores the opinion with which theAntitrust had in fact censored Sky for excess of position dominant. To be clear, nothing more Now Tv, the reduced price streaming platform set up by Comcast. The TV rights market of ball it will never be the same again.

The story was born in 2018, from the acquisition by Sky of R2, the platform (only that, not also the schedules) of Mediaset Premium for digital terrestrial. A historic agreement, which in fact had blown the bank during the last auction of the TV rights of the ball, making the Spaniards escape MediaPro and returning the A league to Sky. That operation would have been skipped a year later at the behest of the parties, but in the meantime the Guarantor he had already targeted it: it matters little of the outcome, even if it did not go to port it still altered the market, since the “status quo ante”(Ie the duopoly) but it has gone to a substantial one monopoly by Sky. For this theAgcm had imposed “the ban on the Sky group to enter into new contracts with exclusivity clauses for the platform Internet“. Translated: at least online, the A league it can no longer be only on Sky. This is to restore a glimmer of competition, missed in the last auction ended for the couple SkyDazn, far more allies than rivals. Sky had appealed to the Tar, and had also won last March. Now the State Council overturns the judgment, definitively. Everything changes for the ball on TV.

From the point of view of televiewer, it means that starting from the 2021/2022 championship there will probably no longer be Now TV, as Sky will not be able to buy the exclusive rights for the internet (SkyGo instead he is not affected by the sentence because he is considered one simple prosthesis of the satellite offer). The issue, however, is far more complex than that. Now TV was crucial for Sky not so much for his subscribers or revenues, but because it served to put one pennant on the online market, act as a cap Competitor Oct. (Such as Dazn): Sky games were only Sky games, on satellite like on Internet. And this greatly increased the value. This will no longer be the case, for example Juventus-Inter will still be offered by someone else in streaming, certainly in lower quality, but at a price even lower.

The consequences for the ball on TV they could be sensational. All ‘horizon there is the new auction, the one for the three-year period 2021-2024. The perspectives are uncertain between an increasingly contracted market and the reform plans of the Melandri Law by the minister Spadafora. The Football League was already at the crossroads between change and continuity, past and future. The revolutionary plans (from the famous League channel with MediaPro at the intervention of a fund of investment) I am never here Launched, even because half Serie A has not yet convinced itself to break away from bedside pay-TV, which nursed her for two decades. But the world is changing, Sky as well: Comcast she is ready to move her elsewhere business, no longer seems willing to shell out a billion for the football. Let alone for a product depreciated by the lack of exclusivity (online), the only reason that could convince a Sky to invest again on ball. We are at the end of an era. Indeed, we were already, perhaps we just had to notice. With a judgment.

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