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Another great communications player is preparing to enter the field of sports broadcasting rights. Apple TV +, the streaming service of the Cupertino house, is one of the most popular catalogs and quality in the panorama of digital television content platforms. It doesn’t shine for the size and variety of the choice and probably the apple house is working on it. For some time now there have been rumors of an entry by Apple into the streaming of sporting events and now the rumors are starting to take shape.The company founded by Steve Jobs indeed he just signed James DeLorenzo, a former Amazon Video manager, to take care of projects related to sport. A few weeks ago, more precisely on April 20th, Sport Business Journal reports the news that they are already there ongoing negotiations between Apple and Pac-12 (a TV network that offers sporting events 24/7) to include the streaming of the races in the Apple TV catalog. Finally, the news is a few days ago of Apple’s acquisition of NextVR, which specializes in augmented reality technologies. For some months now there has been a rumor that Apple would be working on a sort of viewer / glasses destined, in the plans of the Californian company, to lead the next revolution in the field of video content use.

The signals therefore seem to all point in the same direction. Sport, by the way, is missing on practically all the big streaming platforms and somehow it would score a revolution in the online television proposal. Wall Street also seems to be of this idea and shows confidence. The AAPL stock posted + 20% in the past 30 days recovering everything he had lost since mid-February onwards and has returned to its historic peak of $ 327 per share.While in Italy we continue to discuss the restart of the championship and the lawsuit about payments by those who own the rights of the tenders is getting harder, on the other side of the ocean they are laying the foundations for the next Sport Entertainment revolution.

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