Turin-Parma 1-1: in N’Koulou Kucka replies, then Belotti fails a penalty and Ivy scores a goal


In the mirror, Moreno Longo shouts a couple of actions after the start. A choice, to put pressure on man against man in defense of Parma, to stretch the Emilian as much as possible and give the charge to his Bull, who needs a positive result after six knockouts in the league. In the mirror, however, it is also an omen because the accounts always come back there, it becomes equal. And the first game of A ends after Covid-19. More for a few key mistakes of a good Bull than thanks to Parma: D ‘Aversa his punticino tears him after having risked ending up knocked out for a penalty by Belotti (saved), a header by Edera (outside) a few steps from the door and a couple of good forays by De Silvestri.

The Bull is there. And this is good news after the heirs of 2020. Free head, character and new patterns: another team is the one that reopens the dances. While Parma play Parma, they play on their safety, perhaps a little too compassionate, perhaps fearful of running out of gas with their giants. In the mirror, she screams Longo. It is the way, the Taurus passes in a moment to 3-4-3, the system of the Emilians who present themselves with Gagliolo high on the median. The technician yells at Edera, his protégé, the orders that lead him to move a bit as an added striker, a bit as a hinge behind the points while Berenguer (who will replace the shirt on the ground) floats between defense and midfield, taking care in the first instance of Kulusevski and also taking away the air. The two of them, the little ones of Toro are the ones who start the engine, while Rincon acts as the center of gravity and Meité (reborn) takes it step and head.

The Bull scores a deserved goal. And Nkoulou also puts himself in the mirror, in this case on the world. On his knees he brings the protest over the death of George Floyd, the anti-racist struggle. Gagliolo retraces his steps, the defense returns to 4 but takes goals on a corner of Berenguer. Also new here: the Bull masses in the center of the area, a series of blocks, a Longo-branded choice, which frees the Cameroonian giant for its winning streak. The Bull is there but the gasoline is not, and at the first slowdown, at the first signs of fatigue Parma faces Sirigu, engaged first by Nkoulou, then by Kurtic (24 ‘) then punctured by Kucka after an initiative by Gervinho , a champion game that puts everything back as it was at the beginning. Parity in the result but not in the intent, the important opportunities to change are almost all of Toro, but Sepe says no to everyone and above all to parry the rigor of Belotti: the captain changes angle with respect to the first leg, he does not and saves Parma. But “we are here, the Bull is alive” assures Longo. And he’s quite right.

June 20, 2020 (change June 20, 2020 | 10:58 pm)


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