Turin-Lazio, Longo: “Pay two ingenuities. Now under the derby with Juve”


The grenade coach: “I took avoidable goals, otherwise a positive result could come out. We know we have to suffer to the end. With Juve it’s worth double”

Toro tried, it was not the commitment that was missing, but he paid dearly for a couple of naivety. It is the analysis of the coach Grenade Moreno Longo at the end of the game with Lazio: “We have a positive performance for dedication, commitment, having given 110%. But it is normal that we should avoid burrs like those that led to goals taken, avoidable, born from the quality of Lazio and from our naivety, because otherwise a positive result could come out “.

The match

The coach defends the performance: “Today Turin played a game of great dedication and sacrifice as it was right to do against a great team like Lazio – says Longo -. This new championship format puts us in front of new difficulties like playing every 3-4 days, which call into question not only physical but also nervous energies, an important expenditure and a difficult recovery. For this reason, within the same game there are more games, on all fields “. And the team put on the match they had prepared: “Today we had to do a type of match like the one we did: we need the energy to go and get the highest Lazio, we also didn’t have all this energy to do it, and it would have meant giving depth to a team capable of attacking spaces and doing even more harm. Judging after the result is easier. ”

The ranking

Lazio, Juventus, Inter: the calendar does not help to get out of the hot areas of the standings, with what it means in terms of morale. “The risk is always there but we must not be overwhelmed by what comes from outside – Longo replies -. We know very well the path of a team that must be saved. We are called Toro but we fight to save ourselves, we know we have to fight and suffer if you need it until the last minute of the last day: you need resilience, the ability to suffer and withstand the impact even when the results do not arrive, trying to win the games you need to win, ready to fight and earn even knowing how to suffer. in the end, the ability to stick to the games and make a result will count. “

And now Juve

“The derby is a game that we know very well how much it is worth, for us first and for our people”, says Longo looking at the stracittadina on Saturday afternoon. “We also know, given the situation, that they are points that can be worth double. We will play the derby with the knife between our teeth to bring home a victory that would be healthy for the whole environment”. Although Longo made it clear that the timing with which he presented himself in front of the cameras was not due to a confrontation in the locker rooms: “There was no confrontation after the hot game. It is not my habit to speak except in particular conditions , we will do it in the bowls with more clarity in the morning compared to these fiery endings. ”

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