Turin, here’s how the coronavirus has favored the escalation of thefts. And the king of the paninari also ends up in his cell – La Stampa


TORINO. They stole everything. Computers, mobile phones, metals, utensils, Lavazza coffee pods. Among their victims also the president of the Industrial Union of Turin, Dario Gallina. But above all they loved to steal Hilti drills, their passion. The screwdrivers do not. “Fuck, the screwdrivers don’t go, you know you don’t have to take them,” they said in the car, revealing their frustrations as serial thieves to the police bugs. The Covid 19 pandemic hasn’t stopped them either. Rather. A windfall. “But isn’t it dangerous with the virus to go stealing?” they commented on the phone on March 22 in full lockdown. “No, it is better since there is nobody around the factories. The guards don’t turn around, or at least they are few. Now it’s okay to break pharmacies too, you know how much money you find. There are also cigarettes to be taken in tobacconists ». What a criminal fortune the quarantine was.

The lockdown gang was unmasked by the carabinieri of the Oltre Dora company: serial thieves who stole vans, trucks parked in the parking areas, companies, research centers. Identified thanks to stalking, cameras, telephone and environmental interceptions in their cars, always on the move, hunting for loot, in Turin and its province. Ten suspects ended up targeted by the investigators of the weapon. The investigation began last December, after a series of thefts against some couriers, which took place in the square of the Auchan shopping center in Corso Romania and in the adjacent square of the former duty, in Corso Giulio Cesare. Yesterday the blitz was triggered, with the application of the precautionary measure signed by the investigating judge Irene Gallesio. Eight members of the gang ended up in prison including a minor. Two were banned from staying. Thirty-eight disputed episodes, between consummate and tempted.

The thieves are all young people of Roma origin, residing in Turin, some in the field of via Germagnano, others in Moncalieri or Poirino. The most active of the group is a theft veteran, despite his young age. This is Renato Halilovic, called Taison, 23 years old. For him, stealing daily is a “real job”. And among the arrested also a fence. A well-known face in the news. Alfredo Mancino, 67 years old, itinerant historian of Porta Palazzo, the king of itinerant paninari. In outlining his role, the judge used eloquent sentences. “The intercepted conversations – reads the documents – are indicative of the fact that Mancino carries on the activity of fencing as a real job, from which he evidently draws, in the absence of legitimate sources of income, the means of sustenance”. IS he was the one who fetched 15 boxes of coffee pods stolen by Renato Halilovic, his “trustee customer” and tied by a “close and trustworthy” relationship, on 30 January to a foreign road haulier in front of the Lavazza square in San Mauro.

Burst shots. Even more than one a night. Especially before the lockdown. On February 9, they stole a car from Dario Gallina’s company, just outside La Loggia. They took away two steel bars worth 700 euros and a computer from an office. On the same night they tried to steal in the laboratory of the Candiolo CNR, where agricultural vehicles are tested. But as criminals they have rules. One of the gang wanted to rob a street prostitute one evening. An accomplice took him up: “We are at work, we don’t do these things.”


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