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Good news for the playful and educational activities of the little ones in the summer months. In Turin, the activities of Bimbi Estate, aimed at children between 3 and 6 years enrolled in the year 2019-2020, will start on 6 July and continue for eight weeks until August. Instead, the activities of Estate Ragazzi, aimed at girls and boys aged 6 to 11, will begin on June 29 and will end on August 7.

Summer Children: how it works and who participates

The children of the municipal, state and private nursery schools with an agreement that will participate will be involved in structured activities in small groups of 6 components, with the presence of educational, assistance and specialist staff for children with disabilities.

The programs will be scheduled in fortnightly shifts between 6 and 17 July and between 20 and 31 July and will take place in 57 municipal nursery schools. In case of further requests from parents, the service will be extended and will include two more shifts: from August 3rd to 14th and from August 17th to 28th.

In the event that the location chosen by the families is not available, another summer center will be proposed nearby and the registration fee will be refunded if the offer is not accepted by the parents. Registration will be open from 12 to 19 June. The modalities will be indicated in the next few days on the Educational Services website

Summer Kids: how it works and who participates

Summer Boys activities, aimed at girls and boys from 6 to 11 years old, will begin on June 29th and will end on August 7th. The activities – which will have a duration of 6 weeks – will take place safely thanks to the contribution of professionals who have assisted the managing bodies in drafting the protocol. Estate Ragazzi, an initiative reserved for children attending primary school, residing in Turin and outside the city, will be carried out within primary schools distributed throughout the territory.

Pre-registration, thanks to the online form prepared by the CIS, must be made online on the website www.estateragazzitorino.it. They will be open from 12 to 16 June and each family can choose between the following two-week shifts: from 29 June to 10 July; from 13 to 24 July; from July 27 to August 7.

To enroll, it will be essential to have SPID and the ISEE 2020 value for those who request the reduced rate. Thanks to SPID, the Public Digital Identity System, which can be requested at the web address www.spid.gov.it/richiedi-spid, families will be able to access the online services of the public administration and, therefore, to the Summer Centers of the City of Turin.

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The criteria for the admission rankings were defined according to national and regional guidelines and the activities were structured for small groups of girls and boys. Once the pre-registration has been completed, a list will be drawn up for access which will favor the most fragile families. For information on locations and indications on participation in Estate Ragazzi, you can consult the website

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