Tulsa, removed warnings for distancing at Trump rally – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 28 – The campaign office
Donald Trump has ordered the removal of thousands of stickers
with the words ‘Do Not Sit Here, Please!’ (‘Don’t sit here, though
Please! ‘) from the seats of the Bok Center arena in Tulsa
(Oklahoma), two hours before the American president started
his rally on June 20th. Washington reveals it

The arena management had purchased 12,000 stickers (on
a total of 19,000 seats) with the intention of creating one
anti-coronavirus safety distance from the audience,
leaving just empty seats in the stands. But on the day of
rally, when the staff of the arena had already almost finished
to put stickers, Trump’s campaign told al
Bok Center management to stop and removed them, he has
a person close to the organization was told the newspaper
of the event that wanted to remain anonymous.

In a written declaration sent to CNN, the
responsible for communicating Trump’s campaign, Tim
Murtaugh, you didn’t mention the stickers episode,
simply saying that the rally was held “in full
respect for local obligations “. As is known, the rally – where
Trump hoped to return to the usual overflowing crowds
– it was a flop of appearances, with a half arena anyway
empty. (HANDLE).


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