Tulsa, nothing sold out for Trump’s rally: “Now slow down the tests on Covid-19”


“I saved hundreds of lives,” Trump said at his rally in Tulsa, bragging about the measures taken to deal with the coronavirus and attributing the record number of cases and deaths to the large number of tests. “There are at least twenty names for the coronavirus and one of them is Kung flu, “he added, alluding to an alleged Chinese origin of the virus.

“They are targeting the statues of Christopher Columbus. Instead, I tell you that I love Italy and I say thanks to the Italian people, we are very proud of it, added the US president, referring to the demolition of the monuments of the Italian explorer in various American cities. Trump pronounced the word “Italy” in Italian.

Trump attacked the media calling them “dishonest fake news” for insinuating that he might be ill after noticing him while he was uncertainly going down a flight of stairs at the West Point Academy and while drinking a glass of water with two hands. The tycoon explained the difficulties in going down the stairs with the fact that he wore leather-soled shoes. “If I had a health problem, I would tell you,” he said.

Biden? A puppet of the radical left “Joe Biden is” a puppet of the radical left. “If Biden is elected to the White House, he continued,” he will fill the Supreme Court with extremists. ”

Usa 2020, tension after Trump rally: police disperse crowd Moments of tension after Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, when a group of armed men started following the protesters protesting the president and one of them with a tycoon shirt got out of the car and sprayed them with pepper spray . The police intervened with the irritating spray to disperse the crowd

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