Tuesday 2 June, heavy thunderstorms expected in the late afternoon


According to Lombard Meteorological Center in the late afternoon today, Tuesday 2 June, the onset of locally intense thunderstorms is expected, with associated wind blows and even medium sized hail.

The areas at greatest risk include the pre-Alpine-Bergamo-Brescia foothills (17-19 hours), with subsequent propagation of the phenomena to the adjacent plains (19-20 hours), in the meridian declination towards the east of Milan, Brianza, Lodigiano and eastern Pavese. In the evening, brief showers or scattered thunderstorms, with an unpredictable location, are also possible in most of the remaining Po areas.

The timing of the event, which will take place in the evening of a sunny festive day, with an already summer climate, suggests particular attention regarding any outdoor activities. We recommend the safety of any mobile shading structures (tents, tarpaulins, umbrellas, etc.). Here, maybe even the car in the garage – for those who can afford it – would not be an excessive scruple.

Technical note: do not take the map attached to the letter. It is useful only as a rough summary. Milan city will likely be affected by thunderstorms descending from Bergamasca and East Brianza, although the most intense phenomena should favor the eastern districts of the Metropolitan City. However, regardless of the associated rainfall, strong gusts of wind could still affect the whole capital around 8 pm. In short: even where it rains very little, the risk of sudden wind blows is very significant.

As usual we advise you to monitor the evolution of storm cells via the rainfall radar: http://cml.to/radar



Wednesday, June 3, new thunderstorm activity is expected from mid-afternoon and with more conviction in the evening, however concentrated mostly near the Alps, Prealps and north-western foothills (Va-Co-Lc). The bearing currents will rotate from the south-west, the starter of a full-bodied disturbance on Thursday 4, with widespread showers that will have maximum expression in the northern sectors (much less involved and low plains). We will return to the topic soon.

As a general trend, in all likelihood, the first half of June will show us a markedly unstable type of weather, often rainy – especially on the hills – and without thermal excesses, to the delight of those who already tremble at the idea of ​​summer heat. Lizards bring patience: the summer heat, in our third millennium climate, is practically the only thing that (almost) never betrays.



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