Trump’s gag makes the social fly


First historic overtaking of Twitter to Facebook. The application of Silicon Valley benefits from the diatribe with Trump, and flies to the top of the charts.

The San Francisco social surpasses Facebook (Photo: Getty)

It is time for changes in the United States of America, even in the social network world. In the last few weeks, the diatribe between had risen to the headlines Trump and the social network Twitter, guilty of asking him to consult the sources of a news reported by the tycoon on his profile.

The gag of the 45th American president, however, has nothing but positive effects on the social of the Silicon Valley. In fact, in these hours the twittering of Twitter has passed through both Facebook and Instagram downloads. So Jack Dorsey for the first time he beat Mark Zuckerberg, an epochal event for the Californian social.

A turning point that surprised everyone, a sign that something is also changing in the social world. Indeed Facebook now seems to be also torn by internal battles. In the last hours, one has also happened digital revolt of Facebook employees against their boss, Mark Zuckerberg. The riot, guess what, went right on Twitter, where the employees tweeted: “we are no longer proud to work here“.

One of the employees even posted an audio in which Zuckerberg, during an internal meeting, said he was disgusted by Trump’s words, but that it is not his job to intervene.

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Twitter, overtaking on Facebook comes: go crazy on social #deletefacebooknow

Twitter Facebook
Facebook workers rebel on Twitter (photo Pixabay)

So in the last hours on Twitter the hashtag went crazy #deletefacebooknowi.e. delete Facebook now. It all started with several Facebook employees who had signed off from Mark Zuckerberg’s company. The employees who quit said: “Mark always told us that he would oppose violent messages, it is now clear that it was a lie“.

In the meantime, always in social orbit, it makes news again Snapchat. In fact, the social network has announced that it will no longer promote the posts of the President of the United States. In fact, one of the founders said: “Trump may continue to say what he wants but will not end up in the suggested content given the violence of certain messages“.

While instead she moved timidly on the affair too Google. Indeed Sundar Pinchai instituted a moment of silence for all African American police victims.

Finally among the novelties of the Play Store and ofApp Store, in the last few hours there has been an incredible increase in the download of the messaging app Signal. In fact, the app also sponsored by theEuropean Union, it seems to be more secure than WhatsApp and is ready to sprint to reach the giant of instant messaging.


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