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High voltage rally in Tulsa for Donald Trump, the first crowd bath after more than three months of stop for a coronavirus pandemic that still bites the US heavily with almost 120,000 deaths and over 2 million cases. But the president challenged the risk of causing a gigantic outbreak to stop his collapse in the polls, by letting participants sign a release against any lawsuits and simply distributing masks with his campaign logo and hand cleaners, as well as measuring the temperature.

Sold out and long lines at the Bok Center, a 19,000-seat arena, and tens of thousands of fans (without a mask) camped for days in the surroundings, contenting themselves with the maxi external screens in order to participate in this highly anticipated comeback and in the promised “wild night” from their darling. A highly armored event by the police in fear of accidents and provocations, after the mayor lifted the curfew and the president threatened to punch the protesters hard.

The news of the murder of another African American killed by a white private guard from a motel in Tulsa fueled concerns. The episode dates back to June 6, but only now have the exact circumstances emerged, thanks to the video surveillance images. The victim is the 36-year-old Carlos Carson, father of three children: he had gone to complain about his car vandalized with the motel manager and then with the guard Christopher Straigh. But the latter, when he came out, first used the stinging spray on him and then, when he reacted, he shot him in the head. An unjustified attack, according to police, which accused Straigh of premeditated murder. The 53-year-old man is a former sergeant and a former prison officer with various precedents for misconduct, including racial discrimination.

Trump's discord rally in Tulsa. CNN: You are positive in the presidential staff present at the meeting

Trump’s decision to hold his rally, against the backdrop of protests for the death of George Floyd, in Tulsa, the scene of one of the most serious episodes of racist violence in the entire history of the United States, also made the tension rise : between May and June 1921 hordes of whites attacked the African American community in the Greenwood neighborhood with weapons and explosives, one of the most prosperous in the United States so as to be nicknamed ‘Black Wall Street’, killing up to 300 people and destroying about 1000 between houses and shops. The tycoon was also forced to change the date because yesterday’s coincided with the ‘Juneteenth’, the annual commemoration of the end of slavery, and African American leaders considered it “a slap in the face”. A party during which a group of demonstrators shot down and burned the only statue of a confederate general in the capital, that of Albert Pike. “A shame,” thundered the president, who called for the arrest of those responsible.

Trump's discord rally in Tulsa. CNN: You are positive in the presidential staff present at the meeting

Meanwhile, the campaign staff of Donald Trump has confirmed that six members of the team that worked at the Tulsa rally were positive for the coronavirus. Cnn reports it. The news of positivity had been released by the NBC. «According to security protocols, campaign staff are tested for Covid-19 before the events. Six members of the advanced team gave success on hundreds of tests and quarantine procedures were immediately implemented, “said Tim Murtaugh, director of communications for the campaign, and said that neither of them nor anyone else had been in contact immediate with them will be at today’s meeting. “As previously announced, all participants in the rally are subjected to temperature checks before going through security, at which point bracelets, masks and hand sanitizer are given,” Murtaugh specified.

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