Trump: Thousands of soldiers away from Germany. And auto duties to protect … lobsters


Serviceuse against europe

The president orders the return of 9,500 soldiers from German territory by September. And it threatens sanctions against barriers to shellfish

by Marco Valsania

The president orders the return of 9,500 soldiers from German territory by September. And it threatens sanctions against barriers to shellfish

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There is no peace in transatlantic relations. Donald Trump has ordered the withdrawal by September of 9,500 American soldiers stationed in Germany, a move that will reduce the US military presence on German territory to 25,000 men. The administration’s new policy towards the ally also sets that number – 25,000 – as the ceiling for American forces in Germany at any given time, including permanently assigned soldiers and rotating personnel. Currently the US military device in the European country can lead to the presence of 52,000 soldiers.

Cars and lobsters

It is not enough when it comes to potential battles with Europe: speaking at an event in Maine, home of fishermen and crustaceans, Trump has once again fished the specter of sanctions against European Union cars in response to perceived rudeness in the exchange. This time if the Old Continent does not break down obstacles to the export of American lobsters. “If the EU does not cut those tariffs immediately, we will put tariffs on their vehicles, which would be equivalent,” he said.

The German order

The order on troops in Germany, brought to light by the Wall Street Journal, is contained in a document signed by the White House national security adviser, Robert O’Brian. Administration sources indicated that it had been in discussion since last year and would therefore not be linked to the recent discrepancy between Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel has rejected the invitation to attend a G-7 summit in person that was scheduled for late June in Washington, while the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing. Trump then postponed it to no earlier than September, also attacking its importance.

G-7 surpassed by the times

«I’ll postpone it because I don’t think the G-7 represents what is happening in the world. It is a group of countries outdated by the times ». Trump added that he would like to invite other nations, from Russia to Australia, from South Korea to India. Above all, however, he seemed irritated because he wanted to make it a symbolic moment of his reopening of the country from the paralysis caused by the coronavirus. And to reaffirm its political stature in the climate of the American election campaign towards the November elections. The White House has been criticized for both its management of the public health crisis and, recently, the anti-racist protests that shook the nation after the killing of an African American, George Floyd, by suffocation by agents police in Minneapolis.

Tense relationships

Relations between the United States and Europe and in particular Germany have been in a storm for some time, ahead of America First of the White House. Economic and commercial clashes are underway, with Washington unleashing sanctions or the threat of sanctions, the latest in the affair of the European digital tax and beyond that can affect the American tech giants. The US authorities have in recent days opened investigations in this regard also on Italy. The White House’s grievances against Berlin have also long been concerned with political issues, starting with the country’s military spending level, which was considered inadequate. Within NATO, Germany has adopted the target of 2% of GDP in military spending. But by 2031, a date that has not met the Americans. Trump has in the past attacked entire NATO as an outdated and over-dependent organization in the United States.

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