Trump: the elder pushed to Buffalo? A staging is a provocateur


NEW YORK – Sunday, when the conductor of the CNN Jake Tapper had asked him if, as an African American minister of the Trump government, he wasn’t uncomfortable with the President’s verbal violence against protesters for the death of George Floyd, Ben Carson he replied: I would wait a few days to make judgments: I believe that the president will soon make a reconciliation speech.

The start of the new conciliatory phase not the best: Tuesday Trump wrote a tweet in which he hypothesizes that Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old man pushed by the Buffalo police and who remained bleeding on the ground after violently banging his head on the sidewalk, be an antifa provocateur (here the explanation of who the antifa are) who was trying to intercept the radio communications between the agents and that the accident – filmed in two videos now broadcast everywhere in the world – was a staging.

The president has accustomed us to the continuous spread of incendiary tweets, often based on baseless conspiracy theses. Typically Trump takes a post from obscure sources that contains false but suggestive accusations and retweets him to his 82 million followers.

Then, when someone at the press conferences disputes the falsity of what was widespread, he gets away with saying that he only mentioned hypotheses that had been reported to him by others. This time the particularly disturbing sortie for two reasons: Trump goes so far as to suggest to his people a thesis – the drama – clearly implausible given that the elderly white protester still hospitalized under serious conditions.

That is, it challenges the evidence of the images, the chilling noise of the skull hitting the asphalt, the hospital bulletins. He apparently believes that fans who follow him blindly are ready to give more credit to his words than to what they see happening before their eyes (and that prompted the Buffalo police to suspend the two officers responsible for the accident).

The second reason concerns the source cited by Trump to credit the thesis: One American News (OAN), a small San Diego cable TV that systematically supports the president, also by spreading conspiracy theses of various kinds. Among its political editors there is the Russian journalist Kristian Brunovich Rouz that even an editor of Sputnik, the Kremlin disinformation network that actively interfered in the American elections in 2016. Now Rouz is spreading far-fetched stories such as the accusation against Hillary Clinton of having given the antifa $ 800,000 to buy bricks, hammers, mallets and chains for use in the streets.

Gugino an old pacifist, arrested 4 times in the past while participating in non-violent demonstrations, but never convicted of any crime. OAN has attached the antifa provocateur label to him and claims that with his mobile phone he was trying to intercept police communications (something that many in the US do using the many apps dedicated to this).

June 9, 2020 (change June 9, 2020 | 9:32 pm)


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