Trump show in Tulsa, the virus becomes ‘kung flu’





Trump show in Tulsa, the virus becomes kung flu

Comedy show in Tulsa for Donald Trump. In Oklahoma, due to electoral issues, the President of the United States not only called the coronavirus “kung flu”, but – explained the American media – he also launched the provocation from the stage: the USA, he said, should “slow down” the tests for Covid-19 to avoid an increase in cases.

Statements that have raised a fuss, still tell the US media, enough to force the White House to intervene: “He was clearly joking to recall the absurd media coverage” of the pandemic in progress, a senior official explained to NBC.

Just under 6,200 people attended the election event in Tulsa last night. The city fire department said the CNN reports, but the figure is contested by the president’s campaign, which blames the ‘radical’ media and demonstrators for the poorer than expected participation. The arena that welcomed Trump last night could accommodate up to over 19,000 people. According to the director of communication for the campaign, Tim Murtaugh, “12 thousand people have passed the metal detector”, therefore double the figure provided by the fire department.

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