Trump said he will declare Antifa a terrorist organization in the United States


As protests continue across the United States with 25 cities that have already proclaimed a curfew and several states that have mobilized the national guard, President Donald Trump has tried to bend what is going on to a narrative that is useful to him – giving the the fault of the clashes with the “antifa”, that is the anti-fascists, which according to Trump and the American right are not, as we mean here, all those who are not fascists, but an organized group of left-wing demonstrators.

“The United States of America will designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization,” Trump wrote on Twitter yesterday. This is a move that would cause anti-fascists to be treated by the American police on a par with al-Qaeda and other such terrorist groups, greatly increasing the powers of law enforcement in repression. A particularly dangerous thing because, in fact, Antifa is a cohesive organization structured only in Trump’s imagination, while in reality they are independent groups of anti-fascists who use violent methods of protest.

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