Trump restarts from Tulsa. Thousands for the rally despite Covid


More than three months had passed since his last public gathering: to be able to worship him live again, 100,000 flocked to the streets of Tulsa yesterday. Donald Trump chose the city of Oklahoma, once the territory of the Creek of Red Eagle, in the last century “world capital of oil” and theater in 1921 of one of the bloodiest massacres in US history (300 African Americans killed in what was called the Black Wall Street) to give a decisive turn to the decline that the polls assign him.The president, who sees the near future with optimism, starts from the economic recovery: “We were really going to the point, we were doing great. Before the Chinese virus hit us. Now we are starting a slightly different campaign. Now these are places of work”.
The Donald has chosen the format he prefers, the one that in the past has given energy to him and his base, ready to always follow him whatever he says or does. To welcome him back, thousands, arrived with car and bus caravans from other States, lined up – regardless of the social distancing and threats of rain – outside the Bok Center, the sports arena of the city surrounded by metal barriers. With hours and hours in advance, they waved flags with stars and stripes embossed with the President’s face, sang and shouted slogans (“Keep America Great!”), In the hope of being among the 19 thousand lucky ones to be able to enter for the biggest event indoor since the start of the pandemic.


US elections, republican convention doubles: it never happened. Falling in polls, Trump resumes rallies in 5 states

Little or nothing was served by warnings from health officials and doctors about the dangers of a mass rally and the fact that six members of the president’s staff in Tulsa tested positive in the hours leading up to the rally. Republican Mayor G.T. Bynum had imposed a curfew on Friday and Saturday night, worried by the large crowd in the center and by a possible “destructive and violent behavior” by groups of protesters that he had announced on arrival. With a phone call, Trump easily persuaded him to withdraw it, claiming that the curfew would have created problems for the participants who had camped outside the Bok Center for days.


African American killed by a private guard in Tulsa, the city of Trump’s rally

“Large crowds and queues already formed in Tulsa. My campaign has not yet started. It starts on Saturday night in Oklahoma.” On the eve of his arrival the president had announced on Twitter the beginning of his electoral tour by launching a threat warning also to possible protesters: “To all the protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or criminals who go to Oklahoma. Warning: you will not be treated as if you were in New York , Seattle or Minneapolis. It will be a very different scene! “.

After one hundred days and 120 thousand deaths from Covid 19, with unemployment rising from 3.5 percent on 2 March to 13.3 today, after almost a month of protests and violence following the killing of George Floyd, The Donald realizes that his political fortunes are at a minimum and he plays the attack again. At stake that kicks off Oklahoma is whether or not you are staying in the White House.Tulsa’s events will help determine how the campaign will unfold in the coming months, his staff (and he himself) believes that large rallies are crucial to bringing the electorate to the polls that can guarantee him a victory. Because they increase enthusiasm, bring new funds and convince thousands of volunteers to engage in door-to-door or telephone propaganda.

Success in Oklahoma, where a Democrat has not won since Lyndon B. Johnson (1964), is taken for granted, but serves to launch future rallies in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Virginia, the states that will be the decisive next 3 November. Among the most convinced that he can do it is the director Michael Moore: “Don’t think he can’t win. Don’t be presumptuous by saying he can’t conquer the White House. How many people would line up five days just to hear Joe Biden speak?”

They started lining up on Tues in Tulsa for Trump’s rally today. 100,000 are expected! Trump has lost none of his base …

Published by Michael Moore on Saturday June 20 2020

The shadow of another African-American killed in Tulsa on June 6 last weighs heavily on the city and possible violent scenarios. According to the revelations of the Washington Post, he was killed, without reason, by a security guard.

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