Trezzo dies 47-year-old father drowns He dived into Adda to save his daughter –


Trezzo dies 47-year-old father drowns He dived into the Adda to save his daughter

The man was dragged by the current and found two kilometers away.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of Saturday 20 June. The man had thrown himself into the Adda River to save his ten-year-old daughter and had disappeared into the waves, dragged by the current. His lifeless body was found on Sunday morning about two kilometers from where he dived.

The firefighters of the provincial command of Monza, with the divers from Milan, identified him after hours of research.

The man was on the river bank with his daughter in the territory of Cornate d’Adda when the little girl entered the water and found herself in difficulty. The man dived without hesitation, but was betrayed by the strong current. In the meantime, another man managed to rescue the girl.


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