Trentino, the bear that attacked father and son will be killed: the order signed


The bear that has wounded father and son on Mount Peller has not yet been identified but will be killed. The president of the Autonomous Province of Trento Maurizio Fugatti signed the order he had announced 24 hours earlier. It is not even known if it is a male or female specimen, and the long-standing discussion on the presence of bears in the area has already reopened. In the meantime, the clothes of the two wounded and other samples useful for identifying the animal through DNA analysis have been sent to the Mach Foundation laboratory in San Michele all’Adige.



The screams, the pain: “We with bare hands against the bear”

“It is clear that an episode of this kind, which is added to numerous other cases of plantigrades that increasingly enter the inhabited centers at the bottom of the valley, requires us to reflect on the situation on our territory – said Fugatti at a press conference -. In Trentino there are between 82 and 93 specimens to which are added the new puppies (21, ed). These numbers question the possibility of coexistence of the bear with man “.


Trentino, father and son injured by a bear in the woods of Mount Peller

The episode is joined by a new sighting of a bear in Sporminore, also in Val di Non, taken with a mobile phone from a house, which has brought havoc among the frightened citizens. Thus the raging controversy reopened already in the months preceding the capture of M49, the ‘runaway’ bear who escaped the slaughter but now locked up in an enclosure for his raids in the Trentino valleys. A battle won for Governor Fugatti who now returns to insist on “bear management becoming unsustainable” and all to be discussed again on the ministry table. For his part, Costa had conducted a campaign to avoid the killing of the bear affectionately renamed Papillon by supporting the conservation policy of the species that is being repopulated.

This is also why environmental associations are returning to war. Oipa Italia says it is ready to appeal to the TAR since the culling of a bear can take place, by law, only in the event of proven danger to humans and when the ineffectiveness of bloodless alternative measures has occurred.”It is amazing how the Autonomous Province of Trento orders the culling or capture of bears so frequently – he declares Massimo Comparotto, president of the OIPA – There is a suspicion that there are flaws in the management and in giving instructions to the population on what is the correct behavior in case you come across a bear. The sentence that President Maurizio Fugatti intends to pronounce is cruel. It is chosen hurriedly to kill an animal, probably a mother with puppies, who initially only gritted her teeth and then fled, as the chronicles tell “.

“The forest is his home and even on this occasion the one who made the mistake is the human guest who, in a panic, triggered an unpredictable chain reaction. This would not have happened in the case of correct behavior, repeatedly explained by experts and foresters. If in the human-animal relationship the ‘law of the fittest’ wins, it means that we are still in prehistory, “concludes Comparotto.


Trentino, the bear and the child: “If you meet one, do as little Alessandro”

For the Lav (Anti Vivisection League) it is only the “yet another bear-shooter sentence” after an accident still to be clarified. It would make a difference, according to the animal rights activists, if it were a mother bear with cubs, frequently sighted in that area, who may have reacted to the close human presence. “Element to consider in the evaluation of the actions foreseen by the plan for the conservation of the brown bear on the Alps (PACOBACE): in this case it cannot be said at all that it was a deliberate attack by the plantigrade and the killing of the bear is therefore not foreseen by the rules, besides being ethically unacceptable “, reads a statement from the non-profit organization.


Give more space to the Marsican bear

There is still no identikit to identify the bear that broke Fabio Misseroni’s leg (59 years old) with a bite, but in the meantime an action was taken to protect the territory where the attack occurred with information to people who live in the area. The man came across the animal during an excursion to Torosi with his 28-year-old son Christian.

in reproduction ….

More fortunate father and son who a month ago at the Nova di Sporminore hut had a remote encounter with a bear, from which they managed to get away by filming the scene with their smartphone. The boy’s behavior, which avoided violent and unexpected reactions, was defined as exemplary and respectful towards the animal.

“Some good rules of behavior (staying on the paths, talking out loud, keeping your dog on a leash, not getting close to wildlife, staying still and not hitting animals in case of close encounters) can greatly reduce the probability of attacks” , – explains Marco Galaverni, WWF Italia scientific director. – “Coexistence is built day by day through prevention and respect for the rules”.

“We are very sorry for what happened and we hope that the two people involved will heal quickly. However, in the absence of fundamental elements to better understand the reasons for the incident, such as the possible presence of puppies and as foreseen in the Action Plan for the Bear in the Alps, the signing of culling orders is absolutely out of place, so we warn the Province of Trento from doing so “, concludes Galaverni.


Alaska, Trump’s go-ahead for donuts and lighthouses to flush out and kill bear and wolf cubs

In recent months M49 kept Italy in suspense before being caught and locked up, after having managed to regain freedom by overcoming a four-meter high electrified network. In recent years, real hunting expeditions had started to hunt down Gdansk and KJ2, two female brown bear specimens killed because they were considered a threat to humans. Since then the sightings of bears and wolves that go from the protected areas to the inhabited area in search of food have become frequent and the reports of livestock predated by farmers has become the rule in some areas such as Vallarsa.

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