Travel by car and motorbike: fines and penalties also with Phase 3, what you risk


From yesterday Wednesday 3 June it is allowed to move between regions. News and possible penalties regarding travel by car, motorbike and scooter

car-motorbike travel
Travel by car, motorbike and scooter: what changes since June 3 (Getty Images)

After months of lockdown and prohibited travel, Italy has finally restarted at full capacity. The first step goes back to May 18, the date after which the self-certification obligation fell, giving people the opportunity to move within their region without proven reasons. Since yesterday Wednesday 3 Junehowever, the loosening has also been extended to interregional travel.

With these concessions, the Government also communicated some news about the use of cars, motorcycles and scooters. As regards four-wheeled vehicles, the previously announced bans remain. The is possible transport of non-cohabiting peopleas long as they sit in the back of the car, throwing the seat in the middle of the free space. There is also an obligation, for all passengers, to wear the mask all trip long. If it comes to cohabitants or family membershowever, there is no restrictive rule.

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Travel on private vehicles, bans on two-wheeled vehicles and possible fines

car-motorbike travel
News and possible sanctions (Getty Images)

As for the movements on motorcycles and scooters, the government has been much less clear than cars. In fact, the latest FAQs do not give particular updates compared to what has already been said, perhaps in order not to penalize a means useful for better distributing city traffic. For sure, for those who drive alone there is no obligation to wear a mask. This should be triggered if there is a non-cohabiting passenger in the saddle, especially if traveling with a non-full face helmet.

Finally, a different discussion must be made for the possible penalties. As reported by Il Sole 24 ore, the rules listed above are currently exempt from real fines. These are simple useful measures to prevent the spreading. From the legal point of view, however, at the moment only the non-use of the mask is punishable by penalties of 533 euros, reducible to 373 with payment within five days. The fines for non-distancing, however, are currently valid only for public transport.

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