Transfer market, offer for Cavani in Serie A: new destination


Edinson Cavani (Getty Images)

Edinson Cavani will soon leave Paris Saint Germain to embark on a new adventure. The ‘Matador’ could return to Italy

Edinson Cavani it is certainly one of the most greedy parameters of the next transfer market session. The former Napoli center forward is about to end his adventure at Paris Saint Germainwithout even playing the next Champions League phase. Once the ‘Matador’ is finished, it will therefore start from a new destination and in recent weeks there has also been a lot of talk about the hypothesis of Italy with Inter before and Naples then. All the news from the transfer market and beyond: CLICK HERE!

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However, rumors come from Uruguay about another possible Serie A team interested in Cavani. According to the indiscretion of colleague Gonzalo Ronchi on Twitter, journalist of the Uruguayan radio station ‘Sport 890’, the Rome would have made an offer to the former Napoli bomber. It is an official proposal that the attacker born in 1987 would be considering. From Europe it seems the offer more advantageous than those it has received so far.


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