Transfer market, Hakimi towards Inter: behind the scenes


Nerazzurri in pressing with Madrid on the basis of 45 million: the bonuses are discussed, in Milan a 5 million engagement for the Moroccan outside is ready: so we came to the negotiation downhill

Dear Angioni – Valerio Clari

The Inter revolution begins with Achraf Hakimi. The road is not yet downhill, but what seemed only an almost impossible dream of late spring can truly become Suning’s early summer hit. The 21-year-old Moroccan right-footer, two seasons at Borussia Dortmund but owned by Real Madrid, wants to play for Antonio Conte. No Bayern Munich or Manchester City, for his future he has only Serie A in mind. The player is intrigued by the Zhang family project, now you have to sit around a table and the Nerazzurri manager has to define the deal with the Spanish club: Achraf has a quotation of at least 40-45 million bonuses included and Inter is willing to take it outright by recognizing him an important salary and a long contract. There is talk of 5 million with bonuses per season (third richest in squad after Romelu Lukaku and Christian Eriksen), and possible agreement until 2025.

Hi Germany

Galeotto was the return match in the Champions League groups in Dortmund, at the beginning of November: the Moroccan, born in Madrid on November 4, 1998, was in the evening of grace and gave Biraghi the headache scoring two goals in the comeback of the Gialloneri . That defeat left its mark on Conte’s thoughts but evidently the coach, who entrusted a central role in his game to the outsiders, was not indifferent to the yellow-black number 5 bucks. But there is not only that monstrous performance behind the choice made by Marotta and Ausilio: Hakimi for at least two years was on the Inter-radar. And now the right fit in the Italy-Germany-Spain triangle seems truly achievable. The adventure of the Moroccan national team in Dortmund has ended. It had been suspected for some time and the arrival on the right wing of Meunier by the PSG, made official by the German club two days ago, only confirmed the imminent farewell. This afternoon Hakimi will play the last Bundesliga game at Signal Iduna Park against Hoffenheim and then empty the locker.

Winning project

And what does Real do? How can a player so strong and with a present (certain) and future (already written) to star miss out? The reasons are many. Meanwhile, it must be considered that Madrid has an oversized squad and a treasure trove of 200 million players on loan. In addition, it needs to sell if it wants to buy, as required by La Liga’s new financial fair play regulation. Having suffered 40-45 million for a defender is an opportunity not to be missed. That’s why Inter, although knowing full well that Real is tough when the time to discuss arrives, is thinking about how to find the right fit and the most convenient formula (in this Marotta and Ausilio are masters) to strike up a negotiation that can go all the way: you play on bonuses, but the distance between the clubs would not exceed 5 million. In favor of the Nerazzurri, he also plays a technical matter of no small importance: Zidane in the role of Hakimi already has the titular Carvajal and does not think of upsetting his choices. For the Moroccan, a return to Spain would be risky: after the Dortmund explosion, with 45 games, 9 goals and 10 assists this year, hitting Bernabeu is not the best scenario. For this reason, the option to stay in Madrid was not considered by his entourage. While the Inter project was considered winning by the player. On the other hand, in the last year the Zhang family has put important investments on the table and the treasure that arrived in the Nerazzurri coffers thanks to the sale of Icardi to the PSG (50 million + 8 bonus) is an additional incentive to further strengthen the team. A summer ago, Inter spent 65 million plus 10 bonuses for Lukaku, in January he added 20 million Eriksen. Now here is the chance to add Hakimi, then there is Sandro Tonali in pole position (with a 35 + 5 million offer) to reinforce that midfield which today has reduced numbers due to injuries but above all performance below expectations. The Inter revolution is ready to begin.

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