“Tourism ruined”, Conte’s suicidal move. The critic’s fury – Libero Quotidiano


A Vittorio Sgarbi increasingly unleashed against the government for the management of the coronavirus emergency, in every aspect: economic, social, communicative. And now also tourism. The art critic, guest of Italy tonight on Rete 4, points the finger at the very serious damage caused by the executive to a strategic sector for the country what is tourism. According to Sgarbi, in fact, “we have ruined the tourist economy even giving the signal that Italy is not an appropriate place to go because it is dangerous. It’s absurd, “he says eagerly. In short, for the critic the black summer of Italian tourism is approaching. And it is also the fault of those who, like Giuseppe Conte, according to Sgarbi have the responsibility of having painted the situation of the country in a much worse way compared to the reality of the facts.

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