Tourism, one Italian out of two stays at home. But those who go will have a double holiday. In the beautiful country


Tourist Italy does not want to give up its vacation. There are also those who think of making two. Of course, the type of choice will change: you travel with your partner or family, much less with friends and with the intention of partying, you choose the houses with reduced promiscuity and guaranteed spacing more than the hotels. And above all, one remains at home.Of the 47.5% of Italians who will leave in the summer, most of this year remains at home (83%) while 6.9% will go abroad and 3% will go both in Italy and abroad. These are the data of Enit and Mibact on tourism. The trips extend until October, thus distributing the flows over normally low season periods. The “surely” period will choose 17.9% of the multi-vacationers to which must be added those who will “probably” equal to 46% of those who spend more than one stay.

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It starts with the family (40.2%), and as a couple (46.2%) while only 16.1% will choose to travel with friends. Enit questioned a significant sample of Italians, over 3 thousand on the intention to go on vacation in the period from 21 June to 10 October and there are even those who will allow themselves two (41.4%), compared to a 27 , 5% who will not be able to take a break. On the other hand, one Italian out of four is undecided: 25% of the population still cannot choose whether or not to organize travel. 73.5% of Italian vacationers will therefore leave between the end of June and August, while 26.5% will choose September / October. For all, however, hit and run will be one of the trends of the summer season: the “trip out of town” remains indispensable, despite the economic situation. 34.4% will make few, two or three of them throughout the summer while 27.5% do not believe they can afford them. On the other hand one in ten (10.9%) is sure to dedicate every weekend to the trip while 21.1% will take the trip out of town every 2 weeks.

Camogli (GE – Photo Arturo Cocchi)

For the main holiday, private homes and holiday homes are in great demand: 16.5% of vacationers will stay in a hotel preferring from 3 stars upwards, while an overall share of 36.3% of tourists will go to private homes: 16 , 1% in rented apartments, 10.4% hosted by friends and relatives, 9.8% in their holiday home. Followed by B & Bs (8.9%) and tourist villages (6.3%) and farm holidays (5.2%). 32.8 percent will allow themselves up to 10 nights, 26.4% even more. Stays of less than one week for 17.4% who will spend a holiday of 4 to 6 nights, and for 10.4% who will make short stays of 3 nights or less. For those who stay in Italy, the main destinations for the summer in the lead are Puglia (12.4%), Sicily (11%), Tuscany (10.6%), a podium that detaches the other locations in Trentino Alto Adige (7, 2%), in Sardinia (6.5%) and Emilia Romagna (6%). Veneto (5.8%), Liguria (5.7%), Campania (5.1%) and Lombardy and Calabria (4.9%), an almost covid region, close the Top10 free and the hardest hit.

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Abroad, Italians will choose Mediterranean Europe (37%), northern Europe (29%) and Eastern Europe (12.7%). Among those who will go to non-European locations, 6.9% in the States, 3% in China and Asia, 2.7% in Latin America, 0.8% in Canada and 0.2% in Russia. Outdoor password: over half of Italian vacationers this summer will choose the sea (59.8%), or in any case the naturalistic holiday (30%). Mountain choices (25.6%) and relaxation (25.5%) follow, while for 23.2% the summer stay is a reason for cultural experience. Among the other relevant reasons for the stay, the food and wine holiday (13.6%) and the experiential holiday of the area (11.2%), thermal tourism (10.1%), sport (6.9%) and adventure tourism ( 6.8%). Still following the stay at the lake (4.5%), rural tourism (3.8%) and backpacking holidays (3.7%).From abroad positive signs of the desire for holidays in Italy: stop to the drop in airport bookings from 1 June to 19 July (overall stable at -91.4%): in particular, Germany goes from -88.4% to -86 , 1%, and France from -86.6% to -83.4%, the Netherlands from -84.6% to -80.6%, Russia from -91.2% to -90.4% .

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