Totti authorized officer, Simone Bonavita is his first client: “In memory of his dead brother going to the camp”


Even when he was smaller than the ball himself, Simone Bonavita, 16 years of Inter Milan and the first purchase of the new agent of the champion Francesco Totti, was already playing football. He lived attached to his older brother Elio, who was also inseparable from anything round at the right point to be kicked: balls made with newspaper, with pieces, light and flying beach balls, up to the leather balls of the grown-ups. At home, in the courtyard, on the street. Everywhere. Elio in front and Simone queued, Elio to teach and Simone to learn, Elio who never wanted to lose and Simone idem.

The greatest of tragedies

There is something deeper, more intense and significant in this personal success of Simone, followed by the teams from across Europe for his talents, and the history of the Bonavita family. Who lost Elio five years ago, at 9.45 am on Sunday 22 March. He was 14 years old. And that since then – viale Brianza in Monza, a motorist who does not respect a precedence, another who, to avoid it, crashes into a Citron C1 – transforms the memory into sport too. The running races named after him. Is football. When Totti called Corrado, the father, to ask about Simone, as if he had telephoned the whole family. In these weeks, the mother Nunzia, who was driving the Citron, is completing physiotherapy. In a little while, I’ll be driving again. The Courier service he had met Corrado at Niguarda hospital. He alone, facing the greatest of tragedies (for Elio there had been nothing to do, too devastating the wounds), talking to the doctors of Nunzia (in a coma, any bone in the body, any, shattered) , and to manage the pain and bewilderment of little Simone. He could not collapse, Corrado, of course, and yet to see and listen to him he had wondered how he managed. Then he asked for justice and justice ended his process without giving a single hour of jail to the person in charge. Agreement and best regards. Despite the mistakes, the high speed. Two hundred meters from the point of impact was the Dominante field, Elio’s team. Mum accompanied him to the game. The whole society ran to the hospital. The coach’s dad got sick. More than one boy insisted on staying in the corridors and waiting. In case the adults were wrong, and Elio, the one who never gave up, who spurred the others, who raged if one entered the soft field, here, Elio would have made it.

The ball helped Simone

The dad says: There are no compensation, there never will be, but nobody gave us anything. The ball helped Simone a lot. born with his head on his shoulders, and with enormous strength, in that head. Sometimes I don’t know how he got through that period … Inter helped him. Touch, sensitivity. Things that maybe people will think are stupid, like getting him to wear a captain’s armband … But no. Totti? Simone has qualities, I don’t say it. Play in midfield, if we want to find a comparison, it looks like Tonali from Brescia. A nice midfielder, who doesn’t just stop the opponent’s game. What will happen in the future? We have no idea. This surprise happened in full lockdown, locked in the house. We will see day after day. Simone continues to study in a technical institute. He is allowed to leave ten minutes earlier to eat immediately and leave for the training camp at Interello in Bruzzano. He takes two buses to Milan. Everyday. In the evening, after work, I wait for him at the bus stop. And you go home. We are never just him and me. With us, there is Elio. And we start talking about football.

June 12, 2020 (change June 12, 2020 | 10:45 pm)


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