Totti agent, the first blow comes from Inter. And another is being prepared …


ROME – The has arrived first shot of the stable of Francesco Totti. The former Giallorossi captain – with his scouting agency CT10 – yesterday he signed his first power of attorney with Simone Bonavita, talent of Inter Under 16. The boy took a train from Milan yesterday morning, he met Totti in its agency to Eur and signed on contract with which he will entrust his future to the Roman agency. Bonavita it will not be the new Francesco Totti, but his features of game are very similar to those of Tonali. The 2004 midfielder has excellent technique and game vision, takes penalties and punishments and loves to take charge of the team.

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But there is a other first name that Totti would like to include in his stable, and he always plays Inter. Sebastiano Esposito is one of the pupils of the former yellow and red captain, has been for some time following his situation and he is ready to launch the assault. Already a December Totti he was following the situation of the attacker, called on a stable basis by Conte in the first team. The boy is said to be looking a new agent, he will perform on July 2nd 18 years and would like to party with a new contract five years with Inter. Here is the proposal of Totti it could be just this: sign with your agency and immediately find a good agreement with the nerazzurro club. Totti is working to find young talents, now he really seems never stop.

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