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National security stuff, hot stuff, that could “Putting the United States of America at risk”. Premise: history is full of memorials on the powerful. Curare books that at most demonstrate how much power goes with gaffes.

And it is full in parallel of powerful people who try to avoid the spread of those memorials. That most of the time put what Andreotti called the “minor vices” into the sedan. Chores like scratching your nose, looking for stuffed alcoves for women or whispering in the cellar.

This is because, to write those memorials, most of the time it is the ex-chamberlain of the powerful. Men who, torpedoed halfway through cooking, they decide to take revenge by discovering the altars of their former mentors.


And to do some danè, especially if those who are targeted in those pages are called Donald Trump, not exactly a Jefferson in conclusion.

However, in his latest literary effort, John Bolton it has objectively put us a little more than just the horror of the stooge put in the corner. And he clarified it mildly:«Trump is not suitable to be president». But substantiating the obviousness of that consideration certainly not by Pulitzer with vigorous info. Slides took from the files that, as an ex-adivisor of the White House for security, he managed.

Trump has apparently asked his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping for help in being re-elected. Such as? Urging an intervention on the communities of pynin, the so-called ‘overseas Chinese’. That is, on the Sino-Americans who maintain a very strong link with the original homeland. Why do they have pets in China on whose neck breathes the breath of Beijing. In addition, Trump would have encouraged Xi to build concentration camps to lock you up Uighurs, the Chinese Muslim minority.

All this in the pages of that bomb book, “A Withe House Memoir”, released these days with best seller libido. And that Trump asked to block by appealing to a court which has wronged him.

It is obvious that the tycoon, which in public did not attribute only the invasion of Poland to the fault of China, he is afraid of those fingerprints a few months after the presidential vote. But if someone manages to scare the most powerful of the powerful, ringworm or reason that has moved his pen, he deserves applause.

A voyeur is forever.


«We are fine, we love each other and we are much luckier than people who suffer because they have lost those they loved». The basic philosophy of essential things in a world based on Byzantine frills and plans. And what the genuine calls triviality. It is that of Ben and Harriet Campbell, a Scottish couple who had a dream. Broken dream against the sanitary panic dam erected by the pandemic. And it was one of those who, to want to make them, you had to sweat, literally.


The Campbells had in fact left at the beginning of the year from their town, Kelso, to reach Japan and attend the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Lemme lemme, with the four children, covering 8000 kilometers and crossing 24 countries, starting with the right margin of advance. Stuff that Kerouak dodged.

With so much itinerary ringworm that they should have celebrated the birthday of the last born in Ulan Bator, Mongolia; their Swiss mood, more than Scottish. Because the purpose it was not just about reaching the goal, but enjoying the journey, tasting every culture. And to make sense of radical choices such as having stolen offspring from school lessons.

Or like Ben’s voluntary dismissal from the company he worked for. A vaguely hippie thing, maybe retro, but genuine and beautiful, like all those without too much reasoning. beautiful until Covid and subsequent assorted lockdowns nailed the Campbells in France, from friends in Grenoble, reached after the critical phase of the virus had surprised them in Austria.

The family remained 120 days to crumble baguettes in tea. All spent mulling over the sacrifices of a life scattered in the treacherous air of a world that had infected and killed even their greatest dream.

They said they will try again, the Campbells: in 2024 in Paris, one block down from Tokyo. And that no virus will stop their dream. Yes, no virus should stop us from dreaming.

Right spirit.



July 1 is upon us and, contrary to what many world media speculate, it will not be such a watershed date for Russia. One of those that mark a before done in a certain way and a after which takes opposite turn.

It will not be for a bitter and indisputable paradox. The one for which Vladimir Putin is an autocrat made and finished for some time. And so the consultation it should give him the keys of power until 2024, with possible extension until 2036, it is only the bitter ratification of a state of affairs already settled.


Putin has always managed to incarnate, in the eyes of the world and his country, the prototype of the pure and telluric leader, forged with iron of historical necessity. A necessity who with the rules of democracy must flirt with us, but without marrying them. In a country that later the fall of the Berlin wall had found himself without identity the thing was seen as the lesser evil already with Yeltsin.

Now it’s up to summer referendum, which has all the numbers to support the ‘people’s good’ script, to ferry Putin towards the grim power of the octogenarian leaders. Heads who stubbornly survive even their intuitions. And they don’t move out of the chair until they move out of existence. That vow is blessed by Duma, which under Putin has the same utility as the tonsils.

In addition, it will fall into a bean in one of the remote controlled moments of maximum splendor conducator Russian that hunts tigers and boxs with bears. What Putin will see in days, in comparison with the Turkish Erdogan, to pin on the chest the medal of a probable and evanescent ceasefire in the battered Libya.

Only the two unknowns remain of the Constitutional Court and the Covid crisis. But he, the former spy Vladimiro, is so trucid in the saddle in power that he takes both measures. Ignoring the former and presenting itself as the only solution to the latter.

Things to Zar.


Who with knows i Marines? Or rather, the United States Marines Corp? In the collective imagination are the heroes par excellence, the good but rough, however a piece of history with stars and stripes. Handkerchief knot: marine infantrymen train and specialize almost all in the southern US states.

Now, beyond the pop vulgar that with the true story finds less clear adhesions, a problem arose within the Marines. And it is a political problem. After the barbaric killing of George Floyd the US is getting to know, perhaps for the first time in their history, a kind of iconoclastic fury.

Photo © Lance Cpl. Jessica S. Gonzalez, U.S. Marine Corps.

As if to say that in order to wash the moral shame of organic racism in many niches of US society, they are staying literally making a clean slate of all the simulacra related to the places where racism was more substantial. Namely the south, Dixieland. Such as a Richmond, Virginia, where the democratic governor Ralph Northam ordered the removal of the statue of the Confederate general Lee. Or a Minneapolis, where the statue of Christopher Columbus. In spite of a fury that has already condemned over 1500 monuments.

Or as for the Marines, recipients of a directive for remove the Confederate flag from all places relating to the body. Including houses, porches, gardens and car rear windows. The ukase concerns a specific banner, that is, the battle standard “Brought by the Army of Northern Virginia during the civil war”. The one who then surrendered to the troops of Grant to Appomattox, so to speak. The proscription list is therefore being written with lapis of the new militant and facade anti-racism of a society that is sometimes really clumsy.

Company that to be clean and liberal she has to break down the external totems instead of healing the inner taboos. And who does not understand that history should not be erased, if anything, go over. The drama of the drug addict son comes to mind who, to convince his parents that he has put his head in place, blatantly tears his ‘last’ drug sachet into the living room. Then she rushes out to buy another one as soon as Mom smiles relieved.

Star dust.

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