Tonight you can see the eclipse of the strawberry moon in the sky


Hoping for a clear sky, tonight we will have the opportunity to admire yet another show that our beautiful satellite gives us. In addition, this time the Moon will also be aligned with our planet and the Sun, for this reason apenumbral lunar eclipse. In practice, the Earth will partially hide the sunlight reflected from the Moon.

This full moon is also known as Strawberry moon, but, despite its particular name, its color will have nothing to do with red. The Maine Farmer, one of the most renowned almanacs among American farmers, has published the names that i Native Americans they gave every full moon of the year.

The full moon that we will see from tonight is also the last full moon of spring and its name is Strawberry Moon, this because it exactly matches the short period of harvesting of these tasty fruits in the northwest of the United States. While in Europe, before the strawberries were introduced, the full moon of this period was called Pink moon, or Honeymoon. The Moon indicated the period of flowering of the roses, but also the most suitable time for the collection of honey in the hives or in nature.

As mentioned, in addition to one gorgeous full moon, we can also enjoy another extraordinary phenomenon, namely a penumbral eclipse that will last just over three hours.

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