Tonali has chosen: he wants Inter! Marotta is not in a hurry: that’s why


The point on the Inter-Tonali negotiation

L’Inter is Sandro Tonali have liked each other for some time. The Nerazzurri have made their first moves, and have already cashed the player’s yes. Indeed, there is more. As Sky Sport reports, if today the young midfielder of the Brescia should choose a team to play in next season, would choose Inter. This is the great strength of the Nerazzurri, who now have to find an agreement with the president of the Rondinelle, Massimo Cellino. Just the number one of the Lombard club was activated just before the championship stop, exercising an option in favor of Brescia in the player’s contract and extending the agreement by one season. Now, therefore, Tonali has in the contract expiring in 2022.

Inter, having received the player’s approval, waits. Not because he doesn’t want to close the deal, but because he wants to understand what the competitors will be in the deal. The Nerazzurri managers know that the times of this market will be longer and, as well as not in a hurry to eventually sell Lautaro Martinez, that the Barcelona would buy immediately, let alone in no hurry to close the Tonali deal. Taking the risk of another team going under.

(Source: Sky Sport)



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