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ROME The Democratic Party keeps the point, wants to decide immediately the lines that will guide the Plan for the reconstruction within which the EU funds will be used. Giuseppe Conte cannot renounce the general states after having announced them on live TV. After hours of tension between Palazzo Chigi and Nazareno, the mediation comes out after the umpteenth phone call between Prime Minister Conte and the Head of Delegation Dario Franceschini. Tomorrow evening, therefore, a new meeting with the heads of delegation of the majority to discuss reforms and investments in order to arrive at the convention at Villa Pamphili – which should start on Thursday and last until Saturday – with slightly less vague ideas on where plans to act to boost the country’s growth.

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Mattarella: «Italy will overcome the challenge but will not win one territory against another»
Conte: «I am not afraid of falling, now there is an urgent need to act quickly»

In essence, the government has four days to put together a framework that should indicate how and where to push to grow the country, perhaps healing old wounds. Starting with the efficiency of the public administration. The plan could then be implemented with the suggestions of the economic and social categories that will parade in the Casino del bel Respiro of villa Pamphili. Ambitious times, also given the slowness that has characterized government action so far, within which the fate of the Mes should also find a place. As everyone considers investment in the health system decisive, also in view of a possible recovery of the virus in the autumn, it will be difficult to escape the knot. Just as it is difficult to think of attributing health expenditure to recovery bonds, when Europe has developed an ad hoc tool. Conte should therefore begin consultations with the “brilliant minds” at Villa Pamphili having in his pocket a document resulting from the agreement between the majority parties which allows for that “serious and concrete path” invoked by Nicola Zingaretti yesterday morning. Also on Monday, before the majority meeting, the secretariat of the Democratic Party should meet precisely to strengthen the concept: let’s go to meetings with clear ideas not to make catwalks.

In the Democratic Party there is a strong fear that the parade of trade unionists, entrepreneurs, startuppers, engineers, architects at Renzo Piano, economists at Tito Boeri, could turn into a boomerang for the government. However, Conte is convinced that sharing is the best weapon in such a complicated season, and yesterday he closed at Palazzo Chigi precisely to work on the document he would like to present at Monday’s summit. An industrious silence similar to that of Rocco Casalino, even if the spokesman for Palazzo Chigi seems busy in these hours more to decide the presenters of TV programs.

The work carried out by Vittorio Colao’s task force is also planed on the table of the Prime Minister yesterday evening. One hundred projects that could contribute to the drafting of the document on which, however, a decisive weight will have the Pnr, the National Reform Plan, which elaborates the MEF and which has its own part dedicated to structural reforms. To amalgamate everything and arrive at a rebirth plan with lots of themes, priorities and times, it will therefore take many more weeks and it is unlikely that you will have it before September.
In the meantime, the dem, after having cannonized the initiative of the Prime Minister, are working to limit the fire excluding the government crisis that, in other times, would have been discounted. However, Conte risks going out of business for three days in the park, should the consulted people come out of the meetings with the ministers having even more confused ideas. It is perhaps also for this reason that we now think of transforming the General States into a listening appointment. Even the oppositions that, however, in addition to not having received invitations, do not see why they should send their leaders, Salvini, Meloni and Berlusconi, when a majority party shows they do not believe in the usefulness of the initiative, as last night made it clear Deputy Secretary of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando.

«Go to a convent for two days, the whole CDM, come out with a draft plan. Spare us the brunt of the States General “, a long-time and proud politician like Pier Luigi Castagnetti wrote on social media last night. The problem for the former secretary of the PPI is in fact within the majority. The Democratic Party is in a hurry. Iv is content for now with the promises of the premier. The M5S is shattered and its more or less official leaders seem almost frightened by the decisions that the executive will have to take in the next six months and that will be decisive for the future of the country. Not intercepting the recovery next year, like the other EU countries, could in fact push the country towards default. To avoid this, investments, construction sites, large and small works and not degrowth ideas or closed schools and universities are needed.

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