Todaro, the tender dedication to the ex Francesca Tocca on the day of their anniversary


The relationship between Francesca Tocca is Raimondo Todaro it raised questions. Fans of the couple wondered what was going on between the two. So on their anniversary, Todaro has decided to break the silence and clarify once and for all.

But let’s go in order: for the uninitiated, the two dancers, married since 2014, ended up in spite of themselves in the eye of the storm during the last edition of Friends, also embarrassing Maria De Filippi. During the talent show, Tocca got to know the student Valentin Dumitru, also a dancer.

Just the latter, with a determined and sometimes impetuous character, then confessed that he had a history with her. This triggered a whirlwind of comments that led some sources close to Raimondo Todaro to reveal that in reality the marriage with Tocca had been in crisis for several months.

However, no official confirmation had ever arrived from those directly concerned. Then, a few days ago, in one of the stories of Todaro’s Instagram, fans had been able to admire a scene that seemed relaxing: he and his daughter Jasmine watched the Tocca dance on TV, during Special friends. It was therefore assumed that the two were back together.

Instead, Raimondo Todaro clarified: theirs marriage is definitely over. To strike, however, is not so much the news itself, but the way the dancer wanted to talk about it. A way full of love, of tenderness, which starts from a photo of their wedding day, accompanied by words full of feeling:

01/06/2014. Six years have passed since that day. We had promised ourselves eternal love, I think we did everything we could but unfortunately we did not succeed. Love is strange, sometimes it stays but takes another form and I think that’s what happened. For some time the looks were different, the priorities were different and we had to take note of them. Together with Jasmine we form a special family that has nevertheless remained united despite the separation.

Todaro immediately makes clear something that is not obvious: between the two the relationship remained relaxed. There is still mutual affection and esteem, which would indirectly confirm the fact that there has been no betrayal, no stab in the back. And the following words seem to confirm it:

Thanks to Francesca Tocca for giving me the best years of my life and a spectacular daughter that I love madly. I wish Francy to find the love, serenity and happiness she deserves because she is a special, good, loyal and pure person. I thank all the people who have been close to us in these wonderful years and also in the darkest periods.I just ask you to remember that this is our family, that a 6-year-old girl is involved and that we deserve respect. Long live love, always!

In short, you could not imagine a more sweet and elegant farewell of this. And both can only wish for the best, regardless of which roads they will travel on and what loves they will encounter in their lifetime.

Raimondo Todaro’s post on Instagram

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