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He has clear ideas, Matteo Salvini. The League returns to the polls and immediately moves the bar higher: “After Conte there are only the Italians, their vote for a stable government that lasts five years – he says in an interview with The print -. No soups, more or less camouflaged external supports. We have to be transparent, and to say that this majority is unable to face the revival of the economy. “In short, early political elections: this is the priority and, for the leader of the Carroccio, the need.” The Italians – he resumes – will be called to vote to regional, municipal and for the referendum on the cut of parliamentarians. We hope that the situation will be calm for that date in the autumn, as contagion data improves day by day. So – Salvini points out – ask the voters to express a government that lasts 5 years and has clear ideas “.

When asked if it is certain that they prefer a Salvini-Meloni government in Europe, the League replies: “They will soon realize what it means to deal with a paralyzed government. Other than general states of the economy, which serve those who do not have the clear ideas to take time. ” And yet, other broadsides: “If, as in the post-war period, there was a De Gasperi, one would say I resign myself, but we have Bonafede and Azzolina. There is a line of French companies ready to buy Italian companies. I asked Copasir to check. ”

As regards the alliance, Salvini then dedicates a joke to Silvio Berlusconi, who – by now is a fact – has built channels for dialogue with some government officials: “I also speak confidentially with several ministers and do not make it public. I trust what I see and I refuse to think that a liberal can support pieces of the far left government. This is a government like in Bertinotti’s time “, Salvini concludes, with a clear challenge to the leader of Forza Italia

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