TMW EXCLUSIVE – Bertoneri: “Betrayed by the Bull and sickened by football. My present is running”


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It was a great promise of Italian football in the early 1980s, the idol of the Turin fans who saw Gigi Meroni’s heir in him. The debut in the maximum league at only 17 years, the first goal at 18. At 20 the Bull, team in which he grew up, unloads him. And from there he will begin a descending parable that also led him to hang his shoes on the nail very soon. Let’s talk about Dante Bertoneri. Massese, born in 1963, is one of the many football products in the city. Think of Roberto Mussi, Sergio Battistini, Giovanni Francini: same class, same city. He is a “son of Philadelphia”, a prolific nursery at the time. He seemed destined to write important pages of the grenade history, the abrupt farewell was a real shock. Over the years, much has been said and written about him. Illazioni, urban legends that the advent of the Internet has amplified. Today, at 57, Bertoneri has said enough. To the microphones of Tuttomercatoweb tells us his story:

Dante Bertoneri, do you feel betrayed by the world of football?
“I will tell you, football made me nauseous. I had made my Serie A debut at 17, I did all the draws of the youth national teams and at a certain point he also talked about the major national team, which I could be part of the 1982 World Cup group. Dossena and I were the young people on the launching pad for that Bull. Dossena was summoned by Bearzot, not me. Yet I was certainly no worse than him. Then everything changed. ”

Let’s talk about the farewell to Turin in 1983
“There were Luciano Moggi as general manager and Eugenio Bersellini coach. They didn’t believe in me, they were even sending me to Serie B, to Cesena, as a counterpart to bringing Schachner into the grenade”.

And she?
‘But how?’, I thought. I was praised by the fans, owner until just before and now I finish in B? Do you think that at that time journalists had arrived from Argentina, to see Daniel Bertoni up close. After a Torino-Fiorentina they wrote: ‘We came for Bertoni and we discovered Bertoneri’. A journalist, Franco Rossi, said to me: ‘Why do you have to go down to B? Go to Avellino looking for you ‘. I convinced myself. ”

Did things not go as hoped?
“Look, I was 20 years old and I was 1000 km away from home. In addition, the team’s objectives were to save themselves. And for me it was a trauma, also because being liquidated by the Bull so I never went down, I took it as an injustice. In short, a period of great disappointment began. Unfortunately I didn’t even have a prosecutor who could advise me, direct me, protect me. ”

The career ended early
“Physical problems at the base of everything. Even if there are those who tried to discredit me, saying that I didn’t want to run.”

What was your post-career?
“After I stopped I started coaching Juniors, Allievi, youth teams in Massa. I stayed on the lap and a few years ago I set up a team, Atletico Massese. He was proposed as the first team in the city of Massa, given that Massese had gone bankrupt. I had founded the company, I brought coach, the boys. Then Massese was taken over and so we started from the Third Category “.

On the net there are discordant news about his life
“I put my story on Facebook to dispel some myths, I have been going for who I am for 37 years and now on my page I explain things as they are, my daily life. A distorted view of my life has been given: what does it do , what it doesn’t do. I lead a quiet life, I have thrown myself into running for some time. Running has been my passion since I was a footballer “.

Specifically distorted visions. There was a rumor that he had become a sacristan
“Not at all. I am a simple believer. Now you cannot go to church because then they say that you have become a sacristan. I am a believer and a practitioner and in faith I found a foothold, a refuge in delicate moments of my life, where I also experienced depression I would say that faith saved me from eventual unconscious gestures “.

Is that of the caregiver also a legend?
“Once I took a course, to make my person available. A personal thing, but not for the purpose of being a caregiver, with all respect for the category. Maybe writing that I was a caregiver made the character stand out but I I never did the caregiver and in any case I’m not a figure they could ask for, given that they are looking for women “.

It is true that Torino had offered her an observer role
“We specify. It is I who for 15 years asked Turin to be an observer. I did it in every way, including through newspapers but they did not follow up on my request and I mean with a regular sports contract, so recruitment and paycheck that would have allowed me to reach the pension considering that I lack a few years of contributions. A request that is more than legitimate but unfortunately not accepted “.

Contributions that remain to be paid
“I miss a few years. Someone paid for it voluntarily and for a few years the Italian Footballers Association gave me a hand, and I would like to thank the director Grazioli and the president Tommasi for this.”

Even with the other clubs same requests unheard?
“I was also asking other sports clubs. There is not only the Taurus, but having made it 7 years and having grown up in Philadelphia, I have a particular connection with the grenades”.

Football chapter closed, then?
“Since the observer speech has completely gone, I am going elsewhere. I have wasted a lot of time, I have deluded myself. I deal with running, I went back to running and I hope to get back into the fray.”


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