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Having published it Titanfall 2 on Steam it was a success. The Respawn Interactive shooter, in fact, in addition to having collected enthusiastic opinions from fans, is most played of all Battlefield published so far on the platform put together.

We have been “celebrating” the return of the games for several weeks now Electronic Arts on Steam. After a period of self-isolation thought to give Origin a boost, EA has retraced its steps and published many of its biggest hits in recent years on the Valve store. But not only that: the next games will also arrive on Steam. FIFA 21, unfortunately, not in its next-gen version.

Among the games they have beneficiary more of this passage is Titanfall 2. We already told you that the excellent debut on Steam could have relaunched the Respawn Entertainment series, now we can talk about confirmation.

The titan shooter, in fact, has further increased the installed base and the number of active players at the same time (now more than 9 thousand), but above all it is more played than all the Battlefields published on Steam combined. Battlefield 1 has 1.2k peak, Battlefield 5 1.7k, while Star Wars: Battlefront 2 just under 3,000.

A small one vengeance by Respawn Entertainment and yet another demonstration that having released Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 after a week was a suicidal move by EA.

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