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For a few days TIM has aired a new spot advertising for its convergence mechanism TIM Unica, which allows you to get Unlimited giga on mobile numbers if the costs of the latter are charged to their fixed network bill, in addition to combining TV and Smart Home contents.

The new spot dedicated to TIM Unica is on the air from 19 June 2020 and starring the dancer Ksenia Parkhatskaya, the dancer Sven Otten and the Robottino TIM, who dance in a fluorescent frame, all on the notes of “Star stay” sung by Mina.

The spot of 15 seconds was created by Luca Josi, Manager Brand Strategy, Media & Multimedia Entertainment Division of TIM, and it is broadcast on Sky.

The convergence mechanism TIM Unica, launched from February 2, 2020, therefore allows you to get some advantages (like Unlimited giga) to customers who decide to also associate your SIM with the bill of the landline of the operator’s mobile network or vice versa.

TIM Unica, As already described in detail, can be activated by landline customers with active domiciliation and that have active or will activate at least one mobile operator number with the same tax code of the holder of the fixed network, who must have a paid active main offer with at least data traffic.

The service is free, and in this way on the landline invoice will come the costs of the associated mobile network lines are charged, activating the service Automatic top up on the invoice, while on all numbers you will get unlimited Giga navigation gift.

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Unlimited Giga Unica

It is indeed possible to add to convergence up to 5 other TIM mobile network numbers, even with a registry other than the fixed account holder, for a maximum of 6 numbers, all with unlimited Giga.

In addition, the mobile network numbers on which the bonus of “Unlimited gigaThey also get 6 Giga usable in roaming in EU countries, additional to those provided by its main offer.

On the offers with Giga Unlimited TIM considers use in breach of good faith not in compliance 500 Giga monthly.

Finally, some already customers TIM mobile network only selected may be invited to activate on the same registry (with domiciliation) the fixed network with TIM Super (or also Super FWA), so as to get thanks to TIM Unica even one personalized discount on the fixed network fee that can go up to 15 euros per month.

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