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The dynamic theme for PS4 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake dedicated to the beautiful Tifa is finally available free Also in Italy. The history of this background is rather particular: initially, in fact, this theme was distributed exclusively only in the USA and only to those who bought a certain number of Butterfinger snacks.

Last month, however, this theme also arrived in Japan and now, finally, it is also available from us, always for free. This beautiful dynamic theme, which shows Tifa sitting on the edge of a water tank while looking at the mountains and a starry sky, she joins the three PS4 themes of Final Fantasy 7 Remake that Square Enix had published at the launch of the game.

For redeem simply connect to this address, add the dynamic theme to the cart and download it to your PlayStation 4.

To get a preview of what awaits you, below we have published a video showing the theme in action. In these hours it is said that Final Fantasy 16 and Crimson Arbitrium will be, perhaps, at the presentation event of PS5, an event, however, postponed due to the riots that are taking place in the USA in these hours.

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