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According to an article in the Spanish newspaper ABC, about five months after their foundation in July 2010, the Five Stars would have received a suitcase with 3.5 million euros, delivered through the Venezuelan Consulate in Milan. In the Venezuelan Services document that the Madrid newspaper made known, Gianroberto Casaleggio was explained as the recipient of the sum: “promoter of a revolutionary and anti-capitalist leftist movement of the Republic of Italy”. The definition was probably a bit excessive: Father Casaleggio had more of an ufologist than a castrist. However, it appears that his “Casaleggio Associati” was a supplier of videos to the Venezuelan state. In the following years, however, Grillo’s Blog comes to condemn the Caracas regime, and after the 2013 elections one of the leaders of the Five Stars in the Senate is Luis Alberto Orellana. An Italian-Venezuelan sympathizer for the opposition. By 2014, however, he was marginalized, and on March 13, 2015, the Five Stars organized a conference in the Chamber in which they expressly propose that the European Union reform itself by taking as an example Alba: the alliance between pro-Chavist governments.

Strongly desired by Di Battista and Di Stefano, the conference sees the participation of official representatives of the governments of Alba, and also of well-known exponents of the Italian Castroist lobby, first of all the same interviewer of Fidel, Gianni Minà. At the end of 2015, the electoral disaster of the government politicians shows that the Venezuelan Chavismian people are fed up. But Maduro responds with an institutional coup that deprives the Legislative of its powers and that provokes mass protests repressed in the blood. In January 2017, the situation in Venezuela was discussed in the Senate, on the initiative of the President of the Foreign Affairs Commission Pier Ferdinando Casini. The Five Stars oppose the condemnation, and indeed propose a motion in which they argue that the Venezuelan regime is a model to be imitated. Two months later, this approach is proposed in Caracas by Di Stefano, who came together with the group leader of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Ornella Bertorotta, and the vice-president of the Italian Committee abroad, Vito Petrocelli, to participate in the commemoration of Chávez. In the residence of the Italian ambassador the three meet with a delegation of Italian-Venezuelans with whom he is immediately wall against wall. With the Italian-Venezuelans who denounce the situation, and the Five Stars who insist on explaining that in Maduro’s Venezuela they must necessarily be much better than in Renzi’s Italy. The result is that for the Italian-Venezuelan community the Five Stars become the number one enemies. The aversion of the Italian-Venezuelans to the Five Stars has a way of increasing when after the 2018 elections the grillini go to the government. Both with the League in the yellow-green coalition and with the Democratic Party in the yellow-red one, they take advantage of this to block the Guaidó orientation of both partners. Paradoxically, with a Salvini-Zingaretti government at least over Venezuela, Italy would have a clear line. Without being able to field Italy with Maduro, the Five Stars impose however that line according to which neither Guaidó nor Maduro are legitimate presidents, even if the National Assembly is however indicated as the only legitimate authority.

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