thud of Meloni, PD and Calenda grow



div id=”texte” data-banner=”230″ data-banner-mobile=”150″>He smiles at Democratic party the political survey created by Swg on 22 June for Tg La7, but in the Nazarene the waters are far from calm after the hits of the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori to the secretary Nicola Zingaretti.

A sort of tafazzismo that would seem not to abandon the dem even in this new course, while among the other forces that make up the majority only The left is given with a positive sign, with the 5 star movement falling e Italia Viva stable.

In the center-right where the agreement for the candidates for the regional elections has just been found, the League but there would be a showy step backwards Brothers of Italy, which comes just when Giorgia Meloni has launched a kind of challenge to Matteo Salvini for coalition leadership “the premier will be the one who guides the force that has taken the most votes“.

Among the other forces that are in opposition, it consolidates beyond the 3% barrier Action by Carlo Calenda, while i greens is + Europe Besides We change of the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti.

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Past the General States, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the relaunch plan to further support the country in these difficult months. The kermesse of Villa Pamphili, however, seems to have benefited, in terms of voting intentions, only at Democratic party.

In the last Swg survey, dems are in fact given growing and a little closer to Matteo Salvini, even if the League remains the first party in Italy but in sharp decline compared to the percentage obtained in the European monstre.

The one gained by the PD would be lost by 5 star movement, while The left it would seem to continue its ascent even if it is still to be understood how to structure what is currently only a political container in the future.

Negative sign for Come on Italy and above all for Brothers of Italy, with Giorgia Meloni that after the exponential growth recorded in the past few months that it would now be experiencing a stalemate.

The feeling is that Meloni has reached its peak, with further growth that can only come in the event of a league crisis; it is no coincidence that the two leaders, albeit always iron allies, mark each other closely, carefully not to leave the field to the other.

Among the parties hovering over the barrier threshold, currently set at 3% with the current electoral law but which could be raised to at least 4% with the Germanicum presented in Parliament by the PD-M5S tandem, it is always given beyond the bar Carlo Calenda.

Instead, there would be below Italia Viva is + Europe with the two parties that, together with Action, at the next regional elections in Puglia they will run away from the center-left presenting Ivan Scalfarotto as a candidate.

A scheme that could also be proposed at national level since, looking at the numbers of the poll, only by joining forces can this moderate and reformed corpaccione aspire to have a future weight in the Italian political landscape.

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