Three roe deer killed by dogs It is alarm


There was fear for mowers and brushcutters, but this year the roe deer puppies seem to have another enemy: domestic dogs. Eight babies have bitten, three of them so violently as to cause death. These at least are those that arrived at the Wild Animal Recovery Center in Villabalzana di Arcugnano, but the numbers could only be those known so far compared to a much more extensive phenomenon.

“In a short period of time, we assisted twelve roe deer puppies – are the words of Bertillo Conte, president of the 2000 Colli Berici non-profit organization that founded the center -. Of these: eight were bitten by dogs, two were collected by people who thought they had been abandoned by their mother and two others suffered injuries and fractures in the limbs following agricultural mowing. Unfortunately three have died ».

Another problem is represented by hunters who are training dogs even in this period when activity is prohibited by law.

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