“Three days to wait”, the military nailed the government – Libero Quotidiano


Tomorrow Giuseppe Conte will be in front of prosecutors in Bergamo, who investigate the failure red area in Alzano Lombardo and Nembro. The prime minister flaunts security, but filters some concern from Palazzo Chigi about the hearing in the prosecutor’s office. In particular, the version of Conte is expected on the almost 400 men among the carabinieri, police, finance guard and army who had been mobilized and sent to the scene and who they waited in vain for days for the order to bar Val Seriana. Which was only done on Monday 9 March, when all of Lombardy became a red zone.

But already on Thursday evening 5 everything seemed to be ready: according to the reconstruction of The newspaper, a contingent of law enforcement officers had been sent and reinforcements were expected the next day, only the final order of superiors was missing. However, it never came, despite the March 5 scientific committee having written a note for Palazzo Chigi in which it deemed it appropriate to insert Alzano and Nembro in the red zone. “They had to divide us into small teams of three men – reveals a source of the police force a Republic – and arrange us on the territory at the entrances of the two municipalities. At 21.30, after a day of waiting, no provisions coming, they tell us to return. Everyone in their barracks. But they order us to be ready eventually for the next morning. ” But then all nearly 400 men will remain in their rooms until March 9, when Italy becomes a protected area: “We spent three days in the hotel waiting for news on how the service was to be carried out – reports to The newspaper an officer mobilized on the spot – everyone stops in the hotel to wait ”. Probably the premier will be able to explain why in front of prosecutors in Bergamo.

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